Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Presents 2010
This year probably marks the year where I got the most bags for presents :D 3 bags in total! Woohoo!

First bag was a very cute bag organizer from Sewing Monster a.k.a Sasha. She called me one fine day and asked if I could meet her downstairs where she was sending her young son to Shichida classes, and I dropped by to say hi, and was greeted with a surprise gift. The bag is reversible too, how cool is that!

Second bag was from hubby, and was really spontaneous. I was helping him hunt for his Christmas present for his department's gift exchange (he has to buy for a female colleague), when I chanced upon this really cute tote bag from Living Quarters, 1Utama. I thought that the bag was a much better option, instead of getting the usual soap sets. While browsing through the selections, he decided to get me a tote bag as well, seeing how I found some of the designs really cute :P

Third bag was from our company gift exchange, and I got a really nice, handmade Christmas-y tote bag.

Banyaknya bag tahun ini, kekekekekekeke! *happy happy happy*