Monday, December 20, 2010

Malakoff 12KM 2010

Before I start, holy cow...! Only 2 blog posts for the month of December :/ Epic fail. I've been so busy at work, schedule's been pretty hectic due to deadlines that I haven't got much of a chance to blog much lately, so please forgive my slowpoke-ness. OK, let's talk about our recent run: the Malakoff 2010 Run.

When we first signed up for this run, I was pretty enthusiastic about the whole thing. The adrenalin, the whole feel of it. But as the year came to an end and my work responsibilities took its toll and even made me feel very lethargic at various points (which also affected my training), I had thought of not participating in the run, for fear I wouldn't be able to perform at the level I was expecting myself to. However, after a quick chat with my big supporter, my own sister, I decided die-die also run laaa, paid money oredi summore :P

Come Sunday morning of the run, hubby and I were both at the starting line. The Women's category flagged off at 7am first, followed by the Men's 10 minutes after that. I had already expected the route to be pretty tough, consisting of hills and slopes. We were after all, running somewhere in the middle of Damansara Heights.

Map taken from here.

Here's the map of the running route. We flagged off from Bukit Kiara Equestrian Resort, head towards the National Science Center, all the way uphill, make a right turn and just follow the markers. For the 12KM route, we had to do 2 laps, as illustrated in the map.

I honestly thought the first slope uphill was gonna take a major toll on me. No joke ok, it's uphill from Bukit Kiara up towards the National Science Center wei. And it's a fairly long slope too! But I made it to the top nonstop *happy* and continued my run. I grabbed a quick drink from the first water station (by right you shouldn't stop to drink, just grab a cup and drink and keep running, otherwise you'll cause traffic) and continued my run forward. Saw a few men running (read: flying) pass me too, man they were fast! And then before you know it, I was running somewhere along the main road, passing by a row of shop lots on our left, and Millennium Tower was somewhere on our right.

I kept my pace (slow and steady) and ran passed the Shell station along Jalan Beringin, and came across a lady running with a really huge black retriever :D Also saw a couple of runners running bare footed *salute*. Later I found out they were running in memory of another runner, who died of brain tumour, and this guy ran bare footed.

As I ran pass the Shell station, we started to run uphill. Slope! I kept my pace, slowly easing myself and making sure I controlled my breath along the way too. Runners were given a white ribbon to wrap around our wrist, as an indicator to say we're on our first lap. The slope was gradual, but none the less taxing. Meters after I got my ribbon, I had to stop to walk a little to catch my breathe. Tough wei!

I passed the 2nd water station, grabbed a quick drink and continued running (by then we were passing the 1st split liao *beep beep beep*). The route was fairly ok for a while, until the stretch of the last killer slope came in sight. This was the slope I've heard people talking about in some other blogs I came across previously. Even from a distance, I could see the slope was a major challenge, and people were struggling. Heck, I could only run up halfway before I had to stop to walk XP And this was only LAP 1...!

Come LAP 2, hubby caught up with me and gave me the thumbs up for encouragement, and went on his way. I continued to run as much as I can, and if I get really too tired, I'll stop and walk a bit before continuing. Eventually I came to the last killer stretch before the route went downhill all the way back to the finishing point.

Our finisher medal for the run.

I'm pretty happy to have made that run, and felt really great after completing it. To some runners I was probably as slow as a tortoise hahahahaha! I was pretty happy with myself to have completed the run (I really thought the 1st slope would've knocked me out completely). Now I'm nursing a stiff left knee and am limping a bit LOL!

I hope in the coming next run, I'm able to train myself better and improve my timing more :)

Oh, I also bumped in a girlfriend, Yvonne from Piffles Inc. Actually she found me first harhar! Man, she's such an awesome girl, completing the run in 1:08 mins! She's been training to run for marathons much longer than we have, hence her awesome performance :D Thanks babe, for all the encouragement and running tips! *hugs*


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grats, anyway! see you next year =)

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