Monday, December 27, 2010

Maru @ Mon't Kiara - 2010 Annual Company Dinner
No reference to the famous Japanese cat, Maru :P This was our venue for the company annual Christmas dinner, a Korean and Japanese restaurant somewhere in the heart of Mon't Kiara. Located inside Angkupuri Condominium, they specialize in Korean and Japanese fusion cuisines.

Maru: Korean and Japanese fusion cuisines.

Alfresco dining @ Maru.

Hubby and I were one of the first few to arrive, just before the rain came. Our reservations were actually alfresco, which would've been pretty nice as there was plenty of room to move around, plus when you're expecting a large noisy crowd like us, it's better to have the event outdoors :P However, the rain had other plans for us and it started to pour like nobody's business. The wind was practically blowing the rain into our faces and was gonna ruin all our makeup, hence the restaurant manager decided to move us indoors, into a private room. Good thinking on their part.

Some starters to begin with, a simple salad.

Once indoors, everyone had arrived by then and we sat cosily in an air-conditioned room. The salads came first.

Pretty cups @ Maru.

Some assortment of kimchi.

There was an assortment of kimchi served as well, good thing they came too as everyone was pretty hungry by then. While waiting for our mains, it was also time to end our Guardian Angel/Mortal game for the year. There was so much of laughter in the room, I think our stomachs were full of air by the time our mains came.

Salmon steak set.

Mains were pre-ordered before our arrival. The sets all came with a bowl of rice and miso soup. I thought my steak was rather oily, although the flavour was there.

Unagi set.

This was hubby's Unagi set, he loves unagi. It came in a pretty interesting box, not your usual bento box set. The unagi was a little on the sweet side and didn't have as much sauce as you would normally find in a typical Japanese restaurant, but it was not bad.

Sashimi Moriawase.

There was also an assortment of sashimi, served in a bamboo boat. 5 boats to be exact. There was salmon, tuna, yellowtail, tako (octopus), mackerel etc. Also some yummy green mussels, good source of zinc!

After all that eating and gobbling, it was time to for the gift exchange to take place. As usual, we had the Dirty Santa routine, which means whatever gift you think you're holding, will usually end up being someone else's gift. This year, the hot pick was a Moleskin gift box, courtesy of my boss. Almost everyone wanted it!

My winnings for the category "Best Dressed in Theme".

There was also an extra activity this year. My bosses had come up with a short list, and we were to vote who should win that particular award (e.g: Best dressed, Least complains etc"). I won the"Best Dressed in Theme" :P Actually it was rather accidental. The theme this year for Christmas was red, white and green. I was already in a green top and white slacks. Then I borrowed a scarf from my colleague to keep warm, which happened to be in red strips. Hence I was decked in full Christmas spirit!

Handmade tote bag.

This is my gift from the gift exchange, a handmade tote bag. Made by our intern's mum, I thought it was a really well made bag and priceless. I initially got a box with chocolates, candy and coffee, but as it's the Dirty Santa game and the person who initially got this bag said he doesn't know how to appreciate it because it's too girly for him, I exchanged my pressie for this bag :) This bag is so awesome, I can use it as my holiday tote bag!