Thursday, December 2, 2010

My First Birkenstock
After a fall I had a few months back, I've been contemplating whether or not to invest in a good pair of sandals. You see, I've always gotten cheap flip flops, stuff that cost below RM20. Be it from hypermarkets or supermarkets, cheap flip flops have come and gone over the years. My most expensive flip flop in recent years was probably from Ipanema, costing about RM60. That lasted for a couple of years, until a part of the base ripped off.

I've been wearing my pair of fake cheap-ass Crocs for almost a year now, and the sole has definitely wear off, hence the fall :P Was walking to get to my parents house (within the compound) after the rain, and I stepped onto a slippery spot and my legs just flew from under me. I'm left with a small scar on my right feet now, hehe! But since that little slip, I've been contemplating whether or not to invest in a good pair of sandals/flip flops, or stick to buying cheapo ones and keep changing every 3-6 months.

After much discussion and research, I narrowed my choices down to Birkenstock & Ipanema. If you know me well enough, I'm the kind that will take many moons to think and debate with myself over my choices. I like to read, research, talk to people, get feedback, try etc. Yes I know, damn mafan right? But that's me :D I'm normally not an impulsive buyer, hence the bouts of research I do.

Research? For a pair of flip flops? Oli is nuts! But yea, that's what I did. This was what I based my purchase on (in no particular order):

- Durability
- Comfort
- Anti-slip
- Design
- Price

Now I've been looking at Ipanema, it being the more reasonably priced brand. Somehow off late, the designs kinda suck :( Nothing caught my attention, all pretty boring lately. Then my friend AuyongTC in Kiasuland kept upselling Birkenstock to me, telling me it's a really good buy etc, so I went to look at them too. Like I said, no doubt Birkenstock is known for it's quality and durability, it's the price that was putting me off :P And no, I did not consider to get a genuine pair of Crocs at all.

Last weekend, hubby and I were at World of Sports @ Subang Parade. There was a warehouse sale going on (last day too!), and it was a good opportunity for hubby to get a pair of court shoes. I was browsing at the aisle and saw Birkenstock there, between 30% - 40% discount! Oh wow! Frankly, even after the discounts, Birkenstock will still set me back over RM100 &%$@!

I caved. Hubby got me a pair of Gizeh in the end...

Image taken from here.