Saturday, December 25, 2010

Secret of Louisiana - Christmas Eve Dinner 2010
Had a nice Christmas Eve dinner with some close friends of ours here recently. Actually, what really happened was when we found out the couple had made reservations here, 4 of us made the decision to join (read: gatecrash) the lovely couple on their romantic evening plan :PpPpP Fortunately they're a very good sport and 6 of us made our way to the restaurant. No need to deal with traffic jams downtown or brave the pack malls!

Exterior of the restaurant (on the left, red & green deco).
In between them is another restaurant.

I've heard of this place before, but have never made my way there. Located by the lakeside, I thought this place had a nice ambiance to it. Plus it was the Christmas season and everything was decked with Christmas decos, making the place rather cosy. The restaurant had 2 outlets, the first and original outlet being a corner lot, while the expansion is 2 doors away. So yea, there's actually another restaurant sandwiched between Secret of Louisiana.

The 2nd outlet just 2 doors away from the original outlet.

I'm not sure if this was the restaurant's usual practise, but our couple friend who made reservations earlier, had to pay a RM50 deposit for reservations. I guess they're afraid you don't show up at the last minute, particularly on a festive occasion and when the crowd is expected. When we arrived, most of the tables were seated already.

We scanned through the menu and we realised not all the items were available. I'm guessing they were trying to control their operations and when you're expecting large crowds on festive occasions, maybe it's a good idea to scale down your menu options and just focus on giving good service and good dinner experience. The prices for all the items available for Christmas Eve were increased as well (by at least 30%!). I guess F&B establishments will use the opportunity to make big bucks from festive occasions lah, if they don't cut your throat now, not much chance left!

6 of us decided to order our mains, and have some appetizers to share. We ordered 2 portions of Seafood Gumbo and half a dozen cheese baked escargot. Didn't take pictures of the appetizers, we were pretty famished and walloped everything when the dishes arrived :P The escargots was very nicely done, love the oozing cheesy garlic herb sauce! And the Seafood Gumbo was a really good starter too. Served with 3 slices of toasted french loaf (with garlic and butter), the Gumbo was loaded with a variety of seafood in a thick creamy sauce, baked with mozzarella. NYAAAAMMMMM!!!! ^.^

Louisiana Famous Shrimps Scampi pasta.

This is hubby's entreé, the Louisiana Famous Shrimps Scampi pasta. The shrimps are sautéed in cajun sauce, tomatoes, garlic and parsley, and the portion was pretty decent too. Hubby thoroughly enjoyed his entreé.

Chargrilled Rosemary Lamb Shoulder.

This is my entreé, the Chargrilled Rosemary Lamb Shoulder. In case you're wondering if it comes with fries, yes it does (see the fries behind the lamb?). The chargrilled flavour of the lamb lingers for a while as you sink your molars into the meat. I love lamb, awesome awesome piece of meat.

There were other entreés as well but I didn't take pictures of those as I was busy tucking into mine, heehee! Overall food was pretty good, nothing much to complain about. Only complain we had was that service was rather slow, and sometimes annoying. It takes a while to get the waitress's attention, and sometimes we wonder if they're just ignoring their customers or acting busy. One of the waitress was a really really blur sotong case, because my friend had placed an order for glass of iced lemon tea with her, but it never arrived. They even calculated our bill wrong, billing us for an extra lamb and extra drink, and forgot to deduct the RM50 deposit from our total bill.

Hubby and I will definitely make another trip to this restaurant, perhaps not during a festive occasion. Was told they also have a lunch set: Eat All You Can spaghetti set.


oh..i click on the link n found out they r nearby my place...hohoho another new place to try out.