Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Silent Thoughts
I still feel a little crappy each time I hear of such news. It's been over 2 years, yet it sometimes feels like only yesterday it occurred. It's not to say I'm still bitter from it, such ill feelings will only break me down further and I don't want that to happen. But I guess despite the time, the scars will sometimes ache a little, and I'm taken back to that very moment for a short while.

However, the feeling will never last long, and will surely pass me by and I'm back to my good self again :) I guess the scars will always be there , just that it's no longer as visible as it once was.

To be honest, my reaction towards this piece of information will differ slightly. My reasoning is not due to what I've been through. Rather, it's what you did that resulted in me having this thought. Your selfish act in the past, which to me, still spells irresponsibility and was done to save yourself from your embarrassment and guilt. How you easily cast away the life that was bestowed to you.

Yes, I may sound cruel. But I'm far less cruel from what you did. You ran from your guilt, and in the process, destroyed it. No amount of religion can change that fact.

I will always feel that people who abandon and dump their babies, and people who abort them, should never be blessed with off-springs. That's because since they can commit such dastardly act on their first chance, they do not deserve a second chance to prove otherwise. This is my personal opinion of course, I'm not in the position to judge.

I rest my case.