Friday, January 28, 2011

Animal Cruelty
Recently the public was shocked by a viral video of a guy beating up a poodle he was training to stand on its hind legs (read about it here). The video was posted on YouTube, and has since been taken down. For the past few days since the video was posted up in Facebook, it has probably garnered way more hits than any political scandal out there.

I didn't watch the complete video, because I couldn't stand the sight of a demented vermin smacking a little dog until it died. I can however, say that there's now a Facebook page and a hunt for the culprit and his girlfriend for filming the entire ugly episode, and bringing them to justice. I even heard some reports about knowing their identity, where they live and where they work, all unconfirmed though. Never the less, with the power of social media and the Internet, hopefully it won't take long before this couple be arrested and punished for their evil deed.

Now what would compel a human being to treat animals in such a cruel manner? What would make them start abusing animals (or another human being) in the first place? If you have watched the sick video, you may realise the tonality from the dude when he spoke to the dog, had a very very deep anger and frustration to it. It sounded as though he had a lot of pent up anger and psychotic emotions waiting to be unleashed or triggered. This could actually be a sign to a more serious underlying issue. Perhaps it could even lead to more heinous crimes like rape and genocide.

Probably what was equally as horrifying was that the girlfriend (who was reported holding the camera and had recording the entire episode), didn't even take any action to stop her beau from abusing the dog. All she did was kept saying "Dear, stop it la...". Perhaps another logical explanation to this was that she feared the guy would react and possibly hit her. Which again could prove a point that this dude could be some crazy mother fucker who several loose nuts in his head.

Sometimes it's quite easy to judge a person's character. If they can ill-treat animals, they can ill-treat humans. So, if a person can smack a pet, you can bet they can smack another person. This is what judgment should be like so such animal abusers. You smacked a dog, you get smacked. You burnt a cat, you get burnt yourself. Whatever damage and torture you did to those animals, you should receive the same kind of torture. And I'll like to see you cry when the torture process is being done on you.

Yes I'm demented that way, MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!