Saturday, January 8, 2011

The First Week
Holy cow! Has the first week of January 2011 just whiz by me without a blink of en eye?! OK, 2 eyes if you really want to be that anal. But really, the first week is almost over...!

This year marks a brand new year of responsibilities for the both of us. Be it work wise and investment wise, we're venturing into something new and learning from it continuously. I for one, am embracing it with mush gusto (if I didn't, things will fall apart LOL!).

I'm enjoying every moment of it, really I am. At times everything seems overwhelming, even tiring to a certain extent. However, I know that I'm not treading the path alone, and I have a wonderful hubby and supportive friends by my side. Sure makes things a hell lot easier to stomach :)

On a quiet Saturday like today, it's nice to be sitting on my comfy couch and just think about my life as a whole, be grateful for everything in my life, count my blessings and say a quiet prayer for myself and for my loved ones.