Friday, February 18, 2011

iPhone 4

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I've added to the iPhone statistics, got myself a set this week :) After much review reading, waiting, procrastinating, contemplating, thinking, pondering, debating, calculating, researching... and then more waiting... I finally got it.

Maybe it was sheer luck too, as everyone knows the iPhone is such a hot item now, and just about every Tom, Dick and Harry on the streets own one. When I was in Sg Petani during CNY, my BIL, who is in the mobile phone business, told hubby that DiGi's iPhone 4 stock will arrive on February 15th. I tried to check in Lowyat's forum, but no one could really verify if the news was true, so hubby suggested let's just go to the DiGi store and check things out.

So come February 15th morning, which was also a public holiday, we drove to Solaris @ Mon't Kiara and I went in to get a number. I also checked with the customer service counter if the iPhone was available, and they said YES! :D

So I sat there with hubby, and waited for my turn. Dum Dee Dum Dee Dum~~~ Saw a few people before me walking out carrying their new toy, and honestly, my heart was beating with anticipation.

Finally when my number was called, hubby and I walked to the guy and took our seats.

"You're here for the iPhone?", he asked.

"Yes. I'm a prepaid customer with DiGi and would like to get an iPhone package", I replied with much glee.

"Oh I see... You're the last person today the get the iPhone..."

*stunned for a moment*

It turned out, on that day, they only had 16 units up for grabs, and I was getting the very last available set for the day.


Had I walked into the store 5 or 10mins later, I probably would've missed the chance to get the iPhone, and have to wait for the next shipment, which the DiGi representative said, was the day after and on Friday, both days I'm not able to make my way to the store at all. Talk about luck!

After about 2 hours of waiting time + registration + payment, I walked out with a brand new toy in my hands. So fragile, so delicate, so clean and shiny and fingerprint-free. It feels almost... too good to be true...!

Now before you think of me as some crazy iPhone follower, I've been meaning to switch to an iPhone ever since it was launched. I just never got around to getting it because:

1) When the iPhone was first launched (iPhone 3G), only Maxis was offering it. I didn't want to be on Maxis.

2) It was rather costly.

3) My trusty Samsung D820 was still serving me well.

Even when the iPhone 3GS was launched, I contemplated for a while, but put it off again because of other more important commitments. By then, so many of my friends were hopping into the iPhone bandwagon. iPhone sini, iPhone sana, iPhone semua. Even when DiGi started offering the iPhone 3GS, I was tempted, but resisted. I'm not the type to really just get something just because it's a trend. Plus when it comes to mobile phones, if I really see something that I really like, only then will I consider it. And even then, I deliberate A LOT.

Then the iPhone 4 wave came and swept the nation into a frantic queue for the latest Apple product. Again I didn't succumb due to more important commitments. My Samsung was still serving me, albeit the keys getting less sensitive, the battery life dying faster than usual and the power on-and-off tricks it would sometimes play.

Hubby knew how much I had fancied the iPhone, and said he will get me one when the opportunity arises. I was in no rush to get a new phone really, because the iPhone was such a hot commodity now, and stock is virtually non-existent sometimes! So I guess you could say, the eventful day of February 15th has really a lot to do with luck. That I would successfully get the iPhone, and the very last unit available for the day.

Now hubby can play Angry Birds anytime haha!


jailbreak with greenpois0n, then download paid apps from for free!!! lagi enjoy.. :P

@dsaint haha, no plans to jb yet :)

Oh noes!!! You gone to the dark side!!! Come back!!!!