Thursday, February 10, 2011

Plastic Hazard
Our recent trip back to hubby's hometown for the lunar new year, besides being boring, also reiterated the fact that some of our local hawkers friends are anything but people with good hearts.

Now I'm sure many of you would've come across stories about how some deep fried snacks are actually cooked in boiling hot oil + melted plastic straws and bottles. It is said to be the trick of the trade: Melt some plastic into boiling hot oil, then dump your favourite snack into the oil to cook. The crunchiness is said to last for hours. Some also say that the fried shallots being sold, are actually deep fried raffia strings.

I've never seen this act with my own eyes before, but I've heard many stories about it already. Now we all will cringe when we hear such a dastardly act is being committed right in our own backyard. "OMFG you mean my favourite goreng snack is fried in plastic?!?"... "WTF how can these people be so evil?!?"... would be some of the many cries you would hear.

It seriously makes you wonder how society is these days. People are making people sick. Really sick. They don't care if it makes you sick. As long as their deeds can reap profits, just do it lah. You get sick, your problem lor. Terrible, right?

My BIL had a first hand account in regards to this "plastic in hot oil" act. He witnessed this hawker sliding in a couple of plastic bottles into the hot oil and questioned the dude. The dude replied "Banyak orang makan, takpe jugak."

So there you have it folks. Maybe it's time we stop consuming some of our favourite fried snacks from the hawkers and let them deal with bad karma that would befall their evil hearts. I guess I'll stop eating the famous SS 2 pisang goreng and lekor...



hmmm. i guess one thing less for me to eat. =D i'm already avoiding fast food chains as well as Starbucks/Coffee Bean ... just because i don't want to pay so much for so little satisfaction!

@piffles i dun go to starbucks/coffee bean either, but dat's cos i dowan to pay RM15 for coffee haha!