Monday, March 7, 2011

Darling, Carry My Bag
I'm sure you have come across such a sight:- You're in a shopping mall, and you see some couple walking past you. Nothing unusual really, except that the guy is carrying his girlfriend/wife's handbag, sling across his shoulders.


No offense to men out there, but seriously?! Why would you let your man carry your handbag? Why can't you carry your own bag? You have arms, right? You're not crippled, right? So why can't some women carry their own handbags? Why ask your man to carry it for you? And men, why are you carrying them?

Maybe some women find it adoring for their man to carry their handbags. "Oh my darling so nice, carry my handbag for me". Woman, have you any idea what sort of image you're giving to your man? It's not cute at all. You're turning your man into a wuss. A man carrying a Coach/LV/Gucci tote bag, or any other label for that matter, makes a man look wussy. What's worse is seeing a man carrying frilly handbags OMG O.O

It's just me, but I truly find the act of asking your man to carry your bag, a total wussy act of condemnation against the true nature of being a man. Let the man be a man. Carry your own fucking bag lah, you bought the damn thing to hold your purse and lipstick, right? And your arms are working perfectly fine right? If the man wants to carry a bag, ask him to go get a man bag.

Hubby says, these men that carry their womens' bags... they need to be "maninized" LOL. I so agree.

I will never let my hubby carry my handbag, nor does he want to carry it really. Unless I'm in the fitting room or my hands are really full, then maybe I'll ask him to hold it for a sec. But to carry it around while window shopping? I'll shoot myself first. Or maybe he'll shoot me first.