Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Namo Amithaba Japan
The recent earthquake and devastating tsunami which struck the northern coast of Japan shock the whole world. The world was just buzzing with nonstop news about the catastrophic event, be it in Facebook, Twitter, your local daily bla bla bla. Bukak mulut aje, the topic is about Japan.

My colleagues and I were watching the live streaming via Al-Jazeera on Friday afternoon, not long after the first tsunami wave struck the coast. Watching the water engulf the lands, pushing cars, trucks and houses like little Lego bricks, leaving a trail of destruction in its path. A rampage. It was freaky just watching the live streaming. Gave me goose bumps to be honest.

As I was watching the stream, I remembered my cousin who is studying in Nagasaki, Japan. She had just completed her course and was on holiday, so she could be anywhere! I normally see her online in MSN, but that fateful day she wasn't online. I quickly text her, since I heard all telecommunication lines were down in Japan, in hopes she can receive my message and reply. Thankfully, she replied me about 20 minutes later, to say she's fine and safe.

And the worst is not over yet. The nuclear reactor's explosions are causing jitters everywhere. I pray for the brave employees at the nuclear power plant, sacrificing their lives and safety to try to contain the radioactive substances from contaminating the rest of the world. And yet we have some sohai FLOM who is saying the catastrophe was due to negligence and the implementations of non eco-friendly projects. Really mensiasuekan rakyat Malaysia, tsk tsk~

Namo amithaba Japan. You are a strong country. May your people overcome this horrific event and grow stronger by the day.