Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I've been lagging in blogging off late. Sometimes I have no inspiration to blog. Sometimes I'm just lazy. Often times I'm preoccupied with other stuff to get to drafting a blog post.

So what has Oli been up to lately? Well, my workplace is abuzz with a hive of activities. Conversations of where to have lunch, trash talks, new projects, existing projects, how some clients are pure idiots and should just stay away from the computers, how some clients are really nice people to work with, how to lose weight, what to do during the weekend, where to shop, where to not shop, who's hot and who's not etc etc.

Oh yes, and a group of us has plans to climb Mount Kinabalu next year :) Huzzah!!!

We took advantage of the recent AirAsia sale and got ourselves really cheap flight tickets to Sabah next year. All of us being really gungho (Siong ahhhh!), decided to conquer the highest peak in Malaysia, and hopefully, live to tell the tale (and maybe boast a bit about our conquest to the future generation).

It's a fairly large group this time around, some of whom are going up for the second time (gungho!). We've been giving each other encouragements, and also telling each other to start training for the climb.

I don't know how many have actually started preparing for the physical aspects, but I've been keeping myself in check, and exercising regularly. I need to further build my stamina and endurance for the climb.

Over the weekend I (together with hubby) decided to join my colleagues at Kiara Park for an early morning run/walk. It was an invigorating morning exercise, and my calves are feeling it right now LOL! Running up the slopes wasn't easy at all. I could barely run one full round without stopping to catch my breath. Goes to show I still have a long way to build my stamina and leg strength...! The slopes were steeeeeep! The next 2 round we walked, before heading back downhill to grab some breakfast.

We also dropped by SS 2 mall to catch the cat show. One of my colleague was entering his kitten and we decided to just pop over and show some support. We saw so many pussies there, pun intended XP Some of the cats were just soooo pretty! I might just kidnap one home :P

Rawr... I'm the next Mac OS cat!

Oh, and this big guy you see here? He's a Main Coon, and he's GINORMOUS! I've never seen this breed of cat before, and he's HUGE! I thought he was a mini lion on display! I was telling hubby, if ever Apple runs out of big cats to name their OS, this is the next Mac OS cat!

And he wasn't the biggest Main Coon in the cat show. Over on the other side, we saw another Maine Coon, only 3 years old, and weighs 9 kilos. His name is Prince, and his owner says he hasn't reached his mature age yet, so he's still growing o.O If you can't imagine how heavy 9 kilos is, go carry a 10 kilo bag of rice, that's the closest weight I can think of.


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