Saturday, April 30, 2011

Beauty Within Difficult Times

Once a while, when things seem so difficult... When the hurdles seem too tall for you to jump over... When everything you do seem to just not work out... And despite the hard work you've put into it, it still comes back and bites you in the ass... And you feel like giving up...

Why is life sometimes so difficult? Why does life throws you into such deep ends and not offer you a life line? What have you done to deserve such treatment? What did you miss? So many questions, yet so few answers.

This is life. It's full of trials and tribulations. Like it or not, life does suck once a while. As much as we want things to go smoothly each time, one a while life will throw a wrench to our plans and change everything.

We break down when things don't go the way we want them to be. Sometimes we don't even know why we're to blame for whatever that happens. People will always like to point fingers at someone else, some out of sheer ignorance, others to shift the burden from themselves. Why are we so susceptible to such?

Simple. We're humans. And we have emotions. And sometimes we do things to protect those emotions. We divert. We avoid. We hide. We blame.

However, we should also not forget that life is beautiful. And we do not face life alone. We are never alone. We have our family, our friends, ourselves. For every down side to things, there is the upside to it. We must also remember to keep our chins up and our spirits high. For everything that is ugly also has a beautiful side to it.

It may seem impossible to find beauty when times are difficult, but it's there somewhere. We just have to look harder.