Monday, April 4, 2011


About a month ago, I decided to get myself a brand new foundation, as my previous one was finishing up and I thought of trying out a pretty well known brand in the market: Bodyshop. I don't usually cake my face with a lot of stuff, just a light foundation, a bit of concealer and I'll draw my eyebrows. That's pretty much it.

So I figured, Bodyshop should be ok. My main criteria for a foundation is, the formula must be light and oil free. So I got myself a foundation from Bodyshop one fine day and started using it. Things were pretty okay at first.

Then the breakouts started T.T Small pimples started to pop around my forehead and on my temples.

At first I couldn't exactly pinpoint the cause. Then I figured, my usual regime hasn't changed. The only new introduction was the foundation and new face wash. I decided to stop both and let my skin repair itself. I even made a yogurt and honey mask, and have been applying it everyday to help soothe the skin.

The moment I stopped the new products, there were no more new breakouts. Looks like I've identified the cause T.T Perhaps it's something in the product that's causing my sensitive skin to suffer the recent breakouts. Something which my previous foundation brand, has never given me. I'm sticking to Sothys for now, at least I know it won't give me pimples.

As for my skin, well, it's repairing, and the yogurt honey mask is helping to soothe it. There's still some light blemishes due to the breakouts, it's gonna take some time for it to fade :/