Friday, April 22, 2011

Durian, The King of Fruits

Image taken from here.

Some say, if you don't eat the durian than you're not a true Malaysian. I find that statement very funny, and can't help agree with it somewhat LOL!

Most Malaysians love durians. I say most because I do know some people who utterly detest the fruit. To durian lovers, the whiff of the fruit is like an aromatic spice lingering in the air, enticing your senses and taste buds. Just the smell of it makes you drool and crave for it. To those that hate the fruit, the smell is like wet socks and rotten cheese rolled into one, irking your nostrils and inducing vomit.

You know it's durian season when you see roadside stall setting up and displaying the fruit in rows. The durian sellers, equipped with a knife and glove in one hand, will go around selecting the durian, sniff it and give it a shake to "hear" the seeds inside to determine the quality. It is said that if you can "hear" the seeds rocking about, it's a good durian.

Hubby and I enjoy eating this fruit. We don't consume much of it because this is a heaty fruit and OD-ing on it is just asking for a sore throat to happen. One time, we were on our way up north, and we made a quick stop at one of the many larger R&R along the North-South highway. We had no cravings for durian then. But the moment the car stopped and I opened my door.... WHOOSH! A strong whiff of durian just hit our faces, and the fruit wasn't even in sight yet!

Yes, the power of the durian. Just the smell is enough to attract you to it...! We ended up buying and eating one from the stall :P

There are many types of durian. D24, D2, D8, Raja Kunyit, Udang Merah and the Musang King are just some of the many types of durian available in Malaysia. Honestly, if you ask me, I wouldn't know how to differentiate them at all. My dad always tells me to go for kampung durians, and to avoid the D24s because this type is usually loaded with pesticides.

One time, hubby and I, together with a few friends, organized a food trip to Penang, and thedurian buffet was one of the highlights of the trip. Boy did we have a good tummy-filling time! Another time, a friend had recommended we buy durians from this particular mobile stall in SS2, he said they only sell the Musang King and the quality is very good. So hubby and I went there one fine day and bought 3 durians from them, possibly the most expensive fruit ever: 3 durians for RM100++ :P

Some interesting durian eating practices you would've heard of before...

1) After eating durians, take one of the empty shell, fill the concave part with drinking water, and drink the water. It is said to curb the heatiness the durian might bring to your body.
2) After eating durian, make a glass of warm salt water and drink, also to curb the heatiness.
3) Having trouble getting rid of the durian smell from your fingers? Place the durian shell under running water, and place your hands underneath the shell to wash your hands. The smell will be gone! Well, most of it anyway.