Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Quest To Find The Pair
For the past month, I'm on a quest to find a new pair of contact lenses brand which would suit my eyeballs.

You see, when I first started wearing contact lenses, I had to try a few brands before finding one that I was comfortable with. I started out with Bausch & Lomb, which was OK. I also tried Freshkon but that pair didn't work out, because the moment I put it on, my eyes disagreed to it immediately. Then my optician gave me Cibavision's Focus Toric, and I was wearing it for a good 4 years+... before they decided to stop manufacturing it.

Bummer. So now I'm back to testing out a few trial lenses my optician gave me.

My first pair of trial lenses were from Biomedic. My optician asked me to try this pair first and see if my eyes were agreeable to it. Cost wise, it was almost the same as my previous Cibavision brand too. My first impression/feeling about Bimoedia lenses wasn't very encouraging, as I could "feel" the edges of the lenses from time to time. There was no pain, just the feeling of the lenses was a little bother. Plus I noticed if I moved my eye balls too fast, my eyes will take a while to refocus. And the worse part is, half way during the 3rd week of wearing Biomedics, one of the lenses tore during rinsing LOL! XP I've never experienced a torn lens before, not even when I was wearing Cibavision.

My second trial pair of contact lenses is from Acuvue Oasys. This product is said to contain HYDRACLEAR® Plus technology that creates a more wettable, ultra smooth contact lens especially for when your eyes need to be up to the challenge. My optician shared with me that this brand is highly recommended and I should give it a try, although the cost is also higher because it's a bi-weekly type of contact lenses. As I'm drafting this blog post, it's Day 1 on Acuvue Oasys, and I must say my eyeballs are feeling quite good :) Although I'm not sure if it's my astigmatism sometimes that's causing the bits of blurness once a while. I'll have to see how the lenses are by the end of its 2-week lifespan before commenting more on it.

I still have one more brand of trial lenses to try, which is from Biofinity. I did some research on it and according to my optician, both Acuvue Oasys and Biofinity is said to be the highest in terms of quality (not the mention cost). And if my eyes don't agree with both these brands, she'll be really lost for words LOL!

Here's hoping my quest to find a new pair of comfortable contact lenses will yield some results :D


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