Thursday, April 28, 2011

We're Moving!

Not me and hubby, more like my workplace has decided to uproot to a new location in Petaling Jaya.

Seeing that the lease here in Centerpoint BU is up, my bosses have decided to move everyone to a new location. Now we all know moving is a big process. First you have to find a suitable location, taking into consideration the many factors involved, such as accessibility, ease of public transportation, food options, room availability to rent and car park areas.

After you find a new place, you have to sign the agreement, whatever paperworks that come along etc. Oh, all the above, should at least be done a few months prior to the due date of the lease and the actual moving date, just so you have buffer time to plan and make arrangements for whatever that comes along. Don't wait till the last minute, that's just bad planning.

Bosses decided to move into a bungalow house within the vicinity of Section 17. This is meant to be a temporary hideout first, as we're still in need of something with a bit more space really. So yea, the next 2 days will be spent packing and labeling stuff, so that when the movers come, they can just grab, load everything into the truck and transport them over to the new place.