Monday, May 30, 2011

Rising Cost Of Living In Malaysia
There's no denying it... Malaysia is an expensive country to live in now.

As much as our politicians like to ignore the fact, it's true. They're not feeling the pinch of course, as they're living off the good rakyat, people like you and me who duly pay our taxes each year. People like you and me who pays the toll concessionaires whenever we use the highways, pay super high prices for cars (even the local ones cost a lot now), pay RM9 per kilo for a medium sized chicken, pay150% - 200% extra for the car we use to get from point A to point B, pay RM300K for a little roof over our heads and slog our daily lives just to find enough moolah to survive and feed our children, put them through school and work until we die, only to have our children take over our debt and burden and slog their lives away, from one generation to another.

Racial polarization is getting worse by the day, no thanks to stupid swines with brains the size of peas stirring racial disharmony. Frankly, these shit stirrers are just full of hot air, looking to create problems among the rakyat. Malaysians are generally a peaceful society, with everyone getting long well and harmoniously. It's just the last 15 to 20 years, that you see and read more and more news about this race stabbing that race, that race asking for more quota and saying other races should be grateful. And now the politicians are asking us, the good rakyat, the live with all the racial insults, because he says "it's normal, deal with it". But when YOU say something that sounds remotely bad about his race or even question the constitution, he wants you arrested under the ISA and wants to tear your limbs out.

And as pricing for consumer goods increases, the good people of Malaysia will once again have to tighten their belts and live with the fact that the Ringgit is shrinking even more. Ubah gaya hidup, as our politicians always tells us. Then let me ask you politicians... Do you Ubah gaya hidup when you tell the rakyat to do so? Fucking morons can't live without their LVs, Guccis and overseas holidays...!

Oh by the way, electricity tariffs are going up effective 1st June 2011, by at least 7%. So yea, be prepared to fork out more for your electricity oh.

Sorry, I was merely ranting for the sake of ranting. Will be exercising my vote when the time comes.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Keep Running...

Just some of the running events hubby and I have signed up for the year so far. NTV7's Feel Good Run and the annual Shape Night Run @ Putrajaya.

NTV7's run is on 3rd July, while the Shape run is at the end of July 2011, which means we have 2 runs in the same month XP The NTV7 run is actually a charity event, and the fee is a mere RM 25 for the 7KM route with a goodie bag and t-shirt (an extra RM 5 if you sign up online via We've also signed up for the Shape/Men's Health run, as we had fun during last year's event so heck! Go for it! Siong aaaahhhh!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Swee Garden @ Nibong Tebal, Penang.
Hubby and I recently made a quick trip back to his hometown, to celebrate his father's birthday with the family. When I mentioned that we'll be making the short trip up North, my parents kept telling us about this famous place in Nibong Tebal, which apparently serves really good deep fried pork trotter. Even my sister's in-laws in Sabah have heard and been there before, and they these guys are serious pork lovers.

The place can't be wrong, right? Armed with the directions my dad gave us (they don't remember the restaurant name at all, but they know how to get there, and that the place has a lot of flies LOL!), we decided to time our journey to try to reach the restaurant in time for lunch.

I was surfing through my my iPhone, trying to see if I could get the address, or at least some clearer directions to get to the restaurant, but alas, all the info I found was "It is located behind Maybank."

-________-" ... So much for getting clearer info.

It was actually really easy to find, provided you keep to the correct lane. Our first attempt, we took the wrong road and ended up in some housing area just off the highway (thanks to my dad for telling me to take the wrong road). The place is relatively easy to find. Just exit Nibong Tebal on the NPE. After you pay the toll, take a left and drive into town. You'll see a huge overhead steel bridge right in front. Go up the bridge and immediately keep left. There's a slip road on the left which acts like a U-turn to get under the bridge and down to the other side. You'll also immediately see Maybank the moment you reach the top of the bridge, so things get easy from there. Once you're under the bridge, just follow the road which will lead you to the Maybank building. You'll see Swee Garden restaurant just behind the bank.

Appetizer: Baby octopus drizzled with garlic oil.

Since it was just the both of us, we opted for 2 dishes, no rice. This is the first dish we ordered. Baby octopus drizzled with garlic oil, which my parents had also highly recommended. Baby takos, I call them :D Portions were generous, and the octopus was really crunchy! You know how if you blanch squid in hot water, chances are the texture might become rubbery and chewy? In this case, the octopus is crunchy and fresh, you can hear yourself biting into it. And because of Nibong Tebal's close proximity to the sea, I hear that seafood is pretty fresh around here.

Main course: Deep friend pork trotter. RM 53.

Next up, the main course. Deep fried pork trotter! The skin was crispy and the meat, succulent. OM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM! And it comes with some sweet and sour tangy sauce, though hubby prefers to taste the original flavour. We saw several tables also having the same thing, so this must be right. We also saw several tables ordering other seafood dishes like clams, stingray and fish. Must make a note to try them one day :D


And this is what we had for dinner, on the same day.....! Oinkerzzzz!!!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Tortilla Pizza With Mushrooms, Bacon, Spinach and Cheese
One of our simple favourites, using tortilla wraps as a pizza base. It's simple, cheap and best of all easily available from your local supermarket. Truth is, I'm just too lazy to make my own pizza dough, hence buying them wraps off the shelf was the next best thing LOL!

Pizzas are like, the easiest meals to make. All you need is some strips of meat, some vegetables like spinach or basil leaves if you want something more pungent, and cheese as toppings. Pop it into a hot oven and your meal is done.

This pizza is one of our favourites.... tortilla with spinach, bacon and mushrooms, topped with 3 types of cheese (mozzarella, cheddar and feta).

2 tortilla wraps
4-5 tbps of pasta sauce (if you prefer more sauce, just top up)
A handful of baby spinach, soaked and washed
Strips of bacon (the more the merrier!)
Mushrooms (shiitake, swiss brown or white buttons works well)
Mozzarella cheese
Cheddar cheese
Feta cheese
1 tps butter

In a medium heat pan, sear the bacon until crispy. Once they're done, set them aside. Using the same pan, sear the mushrooms until fragrant. Set side.

Pre-heat the oven to 200ºC (top and bottom heat) for 20 minutes. Spread a sheet of aluminum foil and place a piece of tortilla wrap on top. Using a spoon, scoop some pasta sauce and spread it onto the tortilla wrap. Sprinkle some cheese on top and place the 2nd layer of tortilla above the first piece. Repeat the pasta and cheese process again (remember to shred enough cheese for the topping part!).

Spread the spinach generously, followed by the bacon and mushrooms. Top the tortilla with the remaining feta, cheddar and mozzarella. Bake for 20mins at 175ºC, using top and bottom heat for the first 15mins, and then switching to top heat only for the last 5mins, to brown the mozzarella. Depending on your oven, do watch the browning, you don't want the cheese to be too brown and burnt.

Serves 2. Or 1, if you're a big eater.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Boosting Productivity

This will totally screw up your productivity hours HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Milo Sejuk
Nestlé recently introduced a new product to their line of Milo. Called Milo Sejuk, which means "Cold Milo" in English, the good people at Nestlé claimed that this new product is like drinking Milo from their infamous green Milo truck. All you have to do is add cold water.

The famous cold Milo, right here in a little green sachet. You're kidding....! What can possibly compare to the Milo from the Milo truck...?!? Everyone knows the Milo from the Milo truck is chilled, creamy, malty and to-die-for. It's so good, people will queue up for seconds... and thirds...

So hubby and I being a crazy couple, decided to get a box of Milo Sejuk sachets and put it to the taste test.

We bought a box of 15 sachets, but you can buy smaller box of 6 sachets instead from most supermarkets.

The huge blue "SEJUK" word splashed right across the packaging. And all you have to do is add cold water. And because we bought the bigger box, we got a free glass mug too. Now if you were expecting a big-ass glass mug, think again...

This is the actual size of the glass mug. And it in, is about 180ml of water. According to the instructions, to enjoy your glass of Milo Sejuk, pour 180ml of water into a glass, empty the sachet into the glass, stir and enjoy your drink. Well, judging by how much 180ml of water really is, I'm guessing this mug is the "ideal" mug to enjoy your Milo Sejuk from. And if you have caught the Milo Sejuk's TV commercial lately, the lad is enjoying his Milo Sejuk from this exact mug.

My guess is... You can't use too much of water to make the Milo Sejuk, because it will dilute the taste and render the whole "drinking from the Milo truck" experience totally down the drain. So for this taste test, I kept the mug in the fridge to make sure both water and mug are chilled to perfection. Then, I ripped open a sachet, emptied its content into the chilled Milo mug and gave it a stir.

As you can clearly see in the picture above, the powder doesn't totally dissolve. So much for "just add cold water". I guess no matter how they tweak the ingredients, powder is still powder. Maybe next time I'll just add a little bit of hot water to dissolve the powder a little, then add the cold water.

What about the taste? Does it really resemble the Milo from the green truck? Sadly, not even close. It's Milo all right, just not Milo from the Milo truck. Heck, even my mum said she can make this drink herself, no need for instant Milo Sejuk. I have to give it to Nestlé though, for coming up with a very brave claim and product. Good try guys, but yeah, still a long road from really coming up with something as good as your Milo truck.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sincerity, Is Short-lived For Some
It's hard to fine sincerity within the society these days. Everyone is thinking for themselves now. Hardly can you come across people who would willingly think of other person without first thinking what they can get out of it. Sad but true.

There's this old man living in my condo who fits this bill. He's retired and has plenty of time in his hands. And with his free time, he seems to have taken a great liking into creating a campaign for himself, rallying his fans to throw their support behind him as a great leader of the community. He owns but one condo unit, yet thinks he owns the entire condo project, and throws his weight around like he built the damn place.

Quite funny if you think about it. Here it is, a retired old man with too much time and wild imagination, walking around bossing people and spreading rumours and lies and even threats. And you know what's even more surprising? That there are people that actually believe in his words (which most of the time, have no facts to back them up) and actually support his cause. Like a bunch of sheep, following a bad leader.

Do you call these people stupid or just plain ignorant? I say it's both.

This old man truly believes he's God's gift to the community, the one and only saviour. He feels he's the only person that can run the JMC and condo to the very best. He enjoys creating wild stories of the committee spending ruthless amounts on wasted projects, and again with no facts to back his words up. And yet his "people" believe in him. He's a good salesman, that I can give him. He's also an opportunist, looking for ways to make a quick buck. Several years ago, when there was a sudden surge of break-ins, this old man started selling locks above the market rate. And people bought from him. Go figure.

I hate to see such people existing, walking and roaming the world with us. Makes the world an ugly place to live. I believe in karma, and I'm sure people like this old man, will meet his match one day. May not be today or tomorrow or even next month, but some day we will all meet our Maker, and have to be accountable for all our actions during our living days.

They say people with evil hearts usually live much longer, while the good die young. Maybe this old man will live a long life, but I don't think it's going to be a very pleasant life, judging by his evil heart and actions.