Friday, May 27, 2011

Keep Running...

Just some of the running events hubby and I have signed up for the year so far. NTV7's Feel Good Run and the annual Shape Night Run @ Putrajaya.

NTV7's run is on 3rd July, while the Shape run is at the end of July 2011, which means we have 2 runs in the same month XP The NTV7 run is actually a charity event, and the fee is a mere RM 25 for the 7KM route with a goodie bag and t-shirt (an extra RM 5 if you sign up online via We've also signed up for the Shape/Men's Health run, as we had fun during last year's event so heck! Go for it! Siong aaaahhhh!!!


oooohhhh i'm not joining both events this time. was planning to join Shape Night Run this year, until i saw the reg fee! blek.

@piffles haha yea it's higher compared to last year. but at least we know it'll be a well organised run :P