Sunday, May 8, 2011

Milo Sejuk
Nestlé recently introduced a new product to their line of Milo. Called Milo Sejuk, which means "Cold Milo" in English, the good people at Nestlé claimed that this new product is like drinking Milo from their infamous green Milo truck. All you have to do is add cold water.

The famous cold Milo, right here in a little green sachet. You're kidding....! What can possibly compare to the Milo from the Milo truck...?!? Everyone knows the Milo from the Milo truck is chilled, creamy, malty and to-die-for. It's so good, people will queue up for seconds... and thirds...

So hubby and I being a crazy couple, decided to get a box of Milo Sejuk sachets and put it to the taste test.

We bought a box of 15 sachets, but you can buy smaller box of 6 sachets instead from most supermarkets.

The huge blue "SEJUK" word splashed right across the packaging. And all you have to do is add cold water. And because we bought the bigger box, we got a free glass mug too. Now if you were expecting a big-ass glass mug, think again...

This is the actual size of the glass mug. And it in, is about 180ml of water. According to the instructions, to enjoy your glass of Milo Sejuk, pour 180ml of water into a glass, empty the sachet into the glass, stir and enjoy your drink. Well, judging by how much 180ml of water really is, I'm guessing this mug is the "ideal" mug to enjoy your Milo Sejuk from. And if you have caught the Milo Sejuk's TV commercial lately, the lad is enjoying his Milo Sejuk from this exact mug.

My guess is... You can't use too much of water to make the Milo Sejuk, because it will dilute the taste and render the whole "drinking from the Milo truck" experience totally down the drain. So for this taste test, I kept the mug in the fridge to make sure both water and mug are chilled to perfection. Then, I ripped open a sachet, emptied its content into the chilled Milo mug and gave it a stir.

As you can clearly see in the picture above, the powder doesn't totally dissolve. So much for "just add cold water". I guess no matter how they tweak the ingredients, powder is still powder. Maybe next time I'll just add a little bit of hot water to dissolve the powder a little, then add the cold water.

What about the taste? Does it really resemble the Milo from the green truck? Sadly, not even close. It's Milo all right, just not Milo from the Milo truck. Heck, even my mum said she can make this drink herself, no need for instant Milo Sejuk. I have to give it to Nestlé though, for coming up with a very brave claim and product. Good try guys, but yeah, still a long road from really coming up with something as good as your Milo truck.