Monday, May 30, 2011

Rising Cost Of Living In Malaysia
There's no denying it... Malaysia is an expensive country to live in now.

As much as our politicians like to ignore the fact, it's true. They're not feeling the pinch of course, as they're living off the good rakyat, people like you and me who duly pay our taxes each year. People like you and me who pays the toll concessionaires whenever we use the highways, pay super high prices for cars (even the local ones cost a lot now), pay RM9 per kilo for a medium sized chicken, pay150% - 200% extra for the car we use to get from point A to point B, pay RM300K for a little roof over our heads and slog our daily lives just to find enough moolah to survive and feed our children, put them through school and work until we die, only to have our children take over our debt and burden and slog their lives away, from one generation to another.

Racial polarization is getting worse by the day, no thanks to stupid swines with brains the size of peas stirring racial disharmony. Frankly, these shit stirrers are just full of hot air, looking to create problems among the rakyat. Malaysians are generally a peaceful society, with everyone getting long well and harmoniously. It's just the last 15 to 20 years, that you see and read more and more news about this race stabbing that race, that race asking for more quota and saying other races should be grateful. And now the politicians are asking us, the good rakyat, the live with all the racial insults, because he says "it's normal, deal with it". But when YOU say something that sounds remotely bad about his race or even question the constitution, he wants you arrested under the ISA and wants to tear your limbs out.

And as pricing for consumer goods increases, the good people of Malaysia will once again have to tighten their belts and live with the fact that the Ringgit is shrinking even more. Ubah gaya hidup, as our politicians always tells us. Then let me ask you politicians... Do you Ubah gaya hidup when you tell the rakyat to do so? Fucking morons can't live without their LVs, Guccis and overseas holidays...!

Oh by the way, electricity tariffs are going up effective 1st June 2011, by at least 7%. So yea, be prepared to fork out more for your electricity oh.

Sorry, I was merely ranting for the sake of ranting. Will be exercising my vote when the time comes.