Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sincerity, Is Short-lived For Some
It's hard to fine sincerity within the society these days. Everyone is thinking for themselves now. Hardly can you come across people who would willingly think of other person without first thinking what they can get out of it. Sad but true.

There's this old man living in my condo who fits this bill. He's retired and has plenty of time in his hands. And with his free time, he seems to have taken a great liking into creating a campaign for himself, rallying his fans to throw their support behind him as a great leader of the community. He owns but one condo unit, yet thinks he owns the entire condo project, and throws his weight around like he built the damn place.

Quite funny if you think about it. Here it is, a retired old man with too much time and wild imagination, walking around bossing people and spreading rumours and lies and even threats. And you know what's even more surprising? That there are people that actually believe in his words (which most of the time, have no facts to back them up) and actually support his cause. Like a bunch of sheep, following a bad leader.

Do you call these people stupid or just plain ignorant? I say it's both.

This old man truly believes he's God's gift to the community, the one and only saviour. He feels he's the only person that can run the JMC and condo to the very best. He enjoys creating wild stories of the committee spending ruthless amounts on wasted projects, and again with no facts to back his words up. And yet his "people" believe in him. He's a good salesman, that I can give him. He's also an opportunist, looking for ways to make a quick buck. Several years ago, when there was a sudden surge of break-ins, this old man started selling locks above the market rate. And people bought from him. Go figure.

I hate to see such people existing, walking and roaming the world with us. Makes the world an ugly place to live. I believe in karma, and I'm sure people like this old man, will meet his match one day. May not be today or tomorrow or even next month, but some day we will all meet our Maker, and have to be accountable for all our actions during our living days.

They say people with evil hearts usually live much longer, while the good die young. Maybe this old man will live a long life, but I don't think it's going to be a very pleasant life, judging by his evil heart and actions.