Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Swee Garden @ Nibong Tebal, Penang.
Hubby and I recently made a quick trip back to his hometown, to celebrate his father's birthday with the family. When I mentioned that we'll be making the short trip up North, my parents kept telling us about this famous place in Nibong Tebal, which apparently serves really good deep fried pork trotter. Even my sister's in-laws in Sabah have heard and been there before, and they these guys are serious pork lovers.

The place can't be wrong, right? Armed with the directions my dad gave us (they don't remember the restaurant name at all, but they know how to get there, and that the place has a lot of flies LOL!), we decided to time our journey to try to reach the restaurant in time for lunch.

I was surfing through my my iPhone, trying to see if I could get the address, or at least some clearer directions to get to the restaurant, but alas, all the info I found was "It is located behind Maybank."

-________-" ... So much for getting clearer info.

It was actually really easy to find, provided you keep to the correct lane. Our first attempt, we took the wrong road and ended up in some housing area just off the highway (thanks to my dad for telling me to take the wrong road). The place is relatively easy to find. Just exit Nibong Tebal on the NPE. After you pay the toll, take a left and drive into town. You'll see a huge overhead steel bridge right in front. Go up the bridge and immediately keep left. There's a slip road on the left which acts like a U-turn to get under the bridge and down to the other side. You'll also immediately see Maybank the moment you reach the top of the bridge, so things get easy from there. Once you're under the bridge, just follow the road which will lead you to the Maybank building. You'll see Swee Garden restaurant just behind the bank.

Appetizer: Baby octopus drizzled with garlic oil.

Since it was just the both of us, we opted for 2 dishes, no rice. This is the first dish we ordered. Baby octopus drizzled with garlic oil, which my parents had also highly recommended. Baby takos, I call them :D Portions were generous, and the octopus was really crunchy! You know how if you blanch squid in hot water, chances are the texture might become rubbery and chewy? In this case, the octopus is crunchy and fresh, you can hear yourself biting into it. And because of Nibong Tebal's close proximity to the sea, I hear that seafood is pretty fresh around here.

Main course: Deep friend pork trotter. RM 53.

Next up, the main course. Deep fried pork trotter! The skin was crispy and the meat, succulent. OM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM! And it comes with some sweet and sour tangy sauce, though hubby prefers to taste the original flavour. We saw several tables also having the same thing, so this must be right. We also saw several tables ordering other seafood dishes like clams, stingray and fish. Must make a note to try them one day :D


And this is what we had for dinner, on the same day.....! Oinkerzzzz!!!!!


the pork knuckle/trotter looks very noms indeed!!!

@piffles yea it's moist on the inside, crispy on the outside. was told the price is rather high now, compared to not long ago (RM30++). i'm not sure how long ago tho...