Thursday, June 2, 2011

Energy Consumption
With the recent announcement that TNB has increased electricity tariff by 7% effective 1st June 2011, majority of Malaysian citizens have plenty to moan about. The silver lining in this announcement is that at least 75% of the population won't be effected by the tariff hike because these 75% currently don't use above 300kW a month, which is about RM 77 per month.

My household falls within the 75% category, hee~

Yes, our monthly electricity bill normally hovers between RM 40 to RM 50. In fact, the most recent electricity bill was the highest ever since we moved into the condo, RM 72. And that's because we had crank up the air-conditioning a lot more than usual due to the recent hot spell.

Some close friends of mine joked that we're probably stealing electricity from the house next door LOL! Well, that's really not the case. There's nothing special in my house that monitors voltage, nor any special equipment installed to lower the electricity consumption. No tricks. No magic.

In any household, there are a few things that would consume electricity the most. The fridge (it is on 24/7) and the air-cons. The more air-cons you turn on, the more electricity it will consume. These 2 big items normally consume the most part of your electricity bill. Some old appliances will also contribute to your growing TNB bill, appliances like an old electric kettle, or a water boiler.

A lot of large electrical appliances these days comes with the inverter technology too, to promote a greener, more environmental living. So you can actually opt for such technology if you're a heavy user. My air-cons don't have that inverter technology, but it does have the ionizer. We have 2 air-cons: One in the living area (2HP) and one in the master bedroom (1HP). Once a while we would turn on the living room air-con, to cool the area down and also just to let the compressor run a bit. As for our room, we sometimes turn it on for a few hours before going to bed, to cool the room down. For the rest of the night, we use the fan.

All my lights at home are energy saving bulbs, even the ring type bulbs on the ceilings. Once a while I would turn on my wall lights, as they consume much less electricity compared to the ceiling lights (it also creates a nice warm ambience to cosy up to your partner while watching a movie).

As for doing the laundry, I have a 14KG washing machine, which allows us to wash our King size comforters. We would normally wash a full load, to save on water as well. I wash the white shirts separately, cos I want to keep them whites looking white longer. I do the laundry at least twice a week.

We have a PC at home as well, and it is turned on in the evenings, and sometimes overnight to download stuff.

I don't have an electric kettle though, nor a water boiler (those type which you leave on 24/7, so you constantly have hot water). Hubby doesn't like using those, preferring to boil water. In case you didn't know, the water boiler actually does consume quite a fair bit of electricity because it's always on stand-by mode. For any electrical appliance which you leave on stand-by, it does consume a bit of electricity in the long run. So if you're not going to use that particular appliance for several hours, best to shut it off completely.

So you see, our lives aren't that different from most couples at home. We have pretty much the same appliances one would have at home. So when some of my couple friends say their TNB bill for a household of two (2) amounts to over RM 150 a month, I honestly don't understand how they can hit such figures. The only logical reason would be is that their air-con consumption must be a lot higher than me, because they say their air-cons are on the whole night, sometimes the whole day.

Oh, my parents will be among the 25% to have to pay a bit more for electricity starting from this month onwards. Their TNB bill is usually above RM 150 because they have 2 fridges (my parents like to buy and cook a lot). And this amount is for a family of 3. OK, 4 if you count the cat.


Hmmm your TNB is only RM50 a month (avg)? My average is rm130. I dont have kettle or water boiler. My fridge is I guess it has the energy saving function. I only use 1 a/c and have it turned on max 12 hours...avg 8-10 hours. I use the washing machine 2x a week. What else could be the contributing factor to so high usgae?

@littlelamb our tnb bill averages ard RM50, but off late it's more bcos we've been using the aircon more due to the erratic weather LOL! i do believe the aircon is the biggest culprit, especially if it's on daily.