Monday, June 27, 2011

Kissaten @ JayaOne
I just realised that I have not blogged about Kissaten yet, despite having been there several times. If you're into Japanese fusion food, you should give Kissaten a shot. However, not everything on the menu is good, as there has been some mediocre dishes.

Wafu style burger steak.

This is the Wafu style burger steak, served on a a sizzling plate. As the plate sizzles, you drizzle the salty sauce over the sizzling steak, setting more sizzles and smoke! Too much sizzle for you? Hehe! My first time to Kissaten, I ordered this. The steak was ok, actually it's more like minced pork than an actual steak. The sauce however, was a tad too salty for my liking.

Char siew pizza.

Kissaten's Char Siew pizza, something which I've always heard my colleague rave about. Excuse me? What...? Char siew? BBQ pork? On a pizza dough? Looks appetizing, taste pretty amazing. Something new to my taste buds for sure. Sweet and savoury. The base is a little soggy, probably due to the nature of char siew and the sauce. But the overall pizza experience, a pretty cool combination.

Teriyaki pork burger, FTW!

Now this is the awesomeness of Kissaten, the Teriyaki pork burger! Pork patty, creamy mayo, and a fried egg to top it all off, this is THE burger to go for when at Kissaten. Don't be fooled by the picture, this burger is taller than the largest mouth I know. The guys would like to get their hands dirty, because "That's how you eat a burger!", while the girls (me included) would prefer to have our utensils ready to devour this massive serving. Even then, it's still a messy affair, and that's really the whole fun part of eating it *smacks lips*

I struggle to finish this each time I order it. Call my stomach small, but when I have this for lunch, I usually have a really light dinner, some fruits for dinner. Not kidding.