Thursday, June 30, 2011

More Enzymes!

We've been brewing another 2 bottles of garbage enzyme over the last couple of months :) One bottle was already ready a few weeks back, and another bottle is due in a few more weeks.

I've been diligently adding a few caps of enzyme into the pail each time I mop the floor over the weekend. The floor seems cleaner and smoother. Or it could be my imagination *shrugs*.

One thing for sure, it sure does clean the dishes well. Just by adding a few caps into the washing liquid, somehow the plates and utensils seemed cleaner. And years ago when we moved into the house, daddy long legs would normally nestle at the corners of the walls? Since adding the enzyme into the pail to mop, haven't had to get rid of any spiders from any walls. No lizards too.
As for the ants, they are a rare occurrence (nothing some any powder can't handle, heh!)

My mum has been using the enzyme too, especially to clean the dishes. She lamented how clean her dishes are now, and how much easier it was to get rid of the oil and dirt.