Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Waterlily Balinese Restaurant @ Mutiara Tropicana
Hubby and I were about to pop by Jaya Grocer to get some succulent beef steaks, when we decided to try out Waterlily for lunch. We've always passed by this place and have seen large crowd from time to time, so we figured this place must be worth giving it a shot.

When hubby said let's go there for lunch, the first thing I said was "I doubt this place will have babi guling..." XP

Babi guling aside, I felt like I was transported back to Bali with all the nice Balinese deco, not to mention the Balinese music. Dammit, now I wanna go back to Bali...!

Honey lemon with passionfruit.

This was the refreshing drink hubby ordered, honey lemon with passionfruit (markisa). Not to sweet, tantalizing and fresh. I had a glass of iced water, and I could taste a light scent of pandan in it :D We worked our way through the menu and was quite surprised to see some Western dishes in there too. Burgers and pasta? OK, we should be going for the more Balinese treats rather than steaks and burgers, right?

Siap bumbu - RM 27.

This was my lunch, Siap Bumbu. It's essentially half a roast chicken, marinated in lemongrass and other spices. Serve with tumeric rice, vegetables, crackers and some interesting Balinese spices on the side. HOLY COW PORTIONS ARE BIG...! And this is just one serving... o.O

Honestly, I couldn't finish it, had to takeaway 1/4 of the chicken, nyek!

Siap megoreng - RM 26.

Hubby had the Siap Megoreng, which is essentially half a chicken, deep fried in spices. This meal also comes with tumeric rice, vegetables, crackers and spices. I have to admit, the spices were really well blended and the flavours were pretty well matched. And half a chicken per pax!

Black pulut dessert with sliced banana (bubur pulut hitam).

We were served a free dessert too, which came as a surprise because we initially the waitress got the order wrong and brought the dessert to the wrong table LOL! She then explained that it was a free dessert, in conjuction with Father's Day. Oh ok, so I guess all male patrons to the restaurant would get this free dessert :D Hubby's not a father yet, but hey, you get a free dessert, who's complaining, right? Hehehehehehehehe!

The dessert was awesome. Texture was just nice, not too sticky, with just the right amount of coconut milk. And the concoction is served with banana slices, who would've thought pulut hitam and banana would go so well?

We will definitely make a return trip back to Waterlily soon. And this time, we're gonna share the main course!


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