Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Saturday 9th July 2011. The day of reckoning.

It was a usual Saturday morning for us. House chores were waiting. As we cleaned the house, my head couldn't help but think of the planned BERSIH 2.0 rally, soon to take place in downtown Kuala Lumpur. The day before, traffic in some parts of town were at a stand still, no thanks to all the many roadblocks summoned by the top guns in government to curb traffic. Lockdown was the word. The government wanted to barricade the city centre, making it as increasingly difficult as possible for citizens to enter, hoping to discourage people from taking part in the rally.

Didn't really work all that well, did it? As from all the news reports, be in mainstream or the internet, thousands of citizens still managed to find their way into the city centre. They couldn't get the stadium, so they took the whole city instead.

Hubby and I didn't participate in the rally. But we had friends who did. And even though we were not part of the rally, our hearts were with the rally. I chose to wear a yellow top, in support of the movement. Hubby also chose to wear something with the colour yellow on his sleeves (the government said it was illegal to wear yellow attire, like WTF!). We were following Twitter for the rally updates via my iPhone. We had lunch in SS2 mall, and then hopped over to Tropicana Citymall to do our groceries. Spotted some people decked in yellow, got some strange stares from strangers because we wore yellow.

I read some friends' tweets about the FRUs firing tear gas at the crowd. I got worried for them, for their safety and wellbeing. In their tweets, they said their eyes hurt, they were in pain, they were in shock of the sudden brutality of the FRUs and police force, they were being attacked by the very same group who had sworn to protect the nation. All they did was a peaceful walk, no riots, no stampede, no pushing. And they were attacked. My friends, were attacked.

The rally is over. Lives are moving on. But the message was sent, loud and clear. The government is not liking it one bit, and is now coughing up stories to twist the truth. But we all know that the truth will prevail. Malaysians have matured and we stand united more than ever. The rally has proven to every one of us living in this country. Malays, Chinese, Indians, Eurasians, indigenous races, whatever you may be. We are all Malaysians.

Yes we spite and insult and belittle one another sometimes, but when the times comes, everyone in that rally proved to the rest of the nation that we are one and the same. We all want clean and fair electorals. We want less corruption and more wealth to be distributed among the citizens. We want to be heard and be respected. We do not want to fear the government, it is the government who should fear us.

And despite the rumours of the protestor being thugs and disrupting peace, of the many reports I've read about the BERSIH 2.0 rally, be it from independent news portals and blogs, I have yet to come across any new reports which talks about looting and robbery during the rally. Not ONE. That was how peaceful and mature the rally was.

To all those who were at the rally, to all those whose eyes, throat and body were hurt by the tear gas and water cannons, to all those who got arrested for what they stood up for, to the now famous Annie Ooi a.k.a Aunty Bersih/Malaysian Lady of Liberty, to the late Baharuddin Ahmad who died in the rally, to my friends Terence Ooi, Suanie, Colin and Alex Auyong... I salute you for your courage, determination and love for the country.

To all the Malaysians scattered at different parts of the world, thank you for standing up.

To all the politicians out there, fucking stop leveraging on BERSIH for your own agendas. BERISH is for the people, for the rakyat. It is not affiliated with any political party in this country. It is for electoral reforms, for a clean and fair electoral system. It is for the betterment of the whole country, for our country. It is NOT about PAS, not about DAP, not about PKR.