Tuesday, July 26, 2011

NTV7 Feel Good Run 2011
Just realized I didn't blog about the NTV7 Feel Good Run which hubby and I participated recently, heh! So what was the run like? Well, it wasn't a competitive run, as the event was all for charity and having fun along the way. There were a few route options during registration, namely:

Feel Good Run – 7 km, aged 13 and above
Run with Celebrities – 3 km, aged 13 and above
Costume Fun Run – 3 km, aged 13 and above
Kids Run – 700 m, aged 12 and below

Each participate will receive a running kit, as well as a certificate of participation and a finisher medal. At RM 25 entry fee, not bad for a public event and to have some Feel Good fun ;)

As this wasn't a competitive run, our running bibs didn't have any numbers on it. Instead, we're encouraged to write a personal message on the bibs. My message was "RUN OLI RUN"...! Spot me in the picture below!

Picture taken by Yvonne Teo, thanks babe!

There was a huge crowd when hubby and I reached Sri Pentas that morning. We had to park at the housing area and took a short walk to the starting line. Everyone was pumped up and ready to have some fun fun fun! The 7KM category was flagged off first, followed by the other categories. The picture above was taken just before the turn to LDP, where my friend Yvonne Teo was perching precariously on the railing while snapping away.

We ran pass 1Utama, and made a turn into BU3 area, passing the houses. Wasn't exactly a comfortable route to run, as we were running within the housing area, with cars parked on both sides, narrowing the streets. There were NTV7 crews stationed all over the route, cheering and giving words of encouragement to all runners that day.

I clearly remember a man in red cape whizzing pass me, haha!

As we ran pass the long stretch of road in front of KBU, I took a short walk as I was experiencing stitches on the right side of my body. It was quite painful, so I had to stop to let the pain wear off before continuing my run. Took a quick sip of water at the water station, made a turn towards McDonalds, and I started a slow run. Had to stop for a few seconds to let the cars pass through, and I went all the way to the finishing line, catching sight of hubby waiting for me there.

Not long after I crossed the finishing line, the sky started getting really gloomy, the rain clouds were looming above us. And it poured! We took shelter at one of the tents, and I caught sight of the Milo truck! Some friends of ours were also participating in the run, and we had arranged to meet at the Milo truck if we do meet up after the run, but I guess the rain had other plans for us.

When the rain decided to let up a little bit, hubby and I made our way to the Milo truck and queued for some awesome malt beverage! :D We queued twice, teehee! Couldn't get to meet up with our friends, so we decided to head home and get a hot shower. My right knee was feeling a little bit of pain, hence I was limping a little for the rest of the day. Good thing we have Perskindol at home!

Thank you NTV7, we had a feel good run and day :D