Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fig & Olive, Sunway Pyramid
Hubby and I paid a visit to Sunway Pyramid recently. We don't usually make our way there because the traffic over there is kinda bad, plus the layout of the mall itself is kinda confusing. The only time we really go there is probably because I'm bored walking the same malls over on this side of town and needed to see something new, heh!

Plus it wasn't a good idea to head to MidValley on a weekday public holiday.

So as we were window shopping, we decided to have an early lunch and was browsing through the many eateries available. We walked into the Marakesh section and stumbled upon Fig & Olive. Checked out their menu and decided let's give this place a shot. The alluring food photography also played a deciding factor :)

Fig & Olive serves Mediterranean style dishes, and by its name, you find olives in their dishes. As we were browsing the menu, I came across the Grande Figo Grill Seafood platter for two, and suggested it to hubby. Served with rice, a good mix of seafood, what better way to fuel our empty tummies, right?

Grande Figo Grill Seafood for two, RM 49.90+

Here's what the platter looks like. Looks awesome eh? Two bowls of rice and seafood mix of prawns, squid, fish and green mussels.

A closer look at the Grande Figo Grill Seafood for two.

The rice was very fragrant and satisfying. For a moment there, it felt like I was having briyani rice, with the lingering spices such as bunga cengkih and tumeric. The seafood was good too, and the portions were definitely enough for two. I particular liked the fish, grilled to perfection and juicy to the bite. The squid was good too, not overcooked. The only downside of this dish we found it a tad salty. So if you're planning to order this dish, tell them to go easy with the salt.

While we were eating, we also noticed there wasn't much crowd patronizing the restaurant. Perhaps it was a weekday thing, despite being a public holiday for Selangor. The whole time we were there, there were only 4 tables. We were the last ones to leave that afternoon.

Would we go back there? Definitely, provided they don't close down the next time we decide to make our way to Sunway Pyramid.