Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Shape Nite Run 2011
30th July 2011, Putrajaya
I was all geared up for the night run. It was our second time participating in this run, and I had been gearing up for it for a few months, all excited and bubbly.

I wanted to see if I could do a better time as compared to last year, my first year. Last year, I managed to completed all 12.3KM in under 2 hours. 1hour 55mins to be exact. Not the greatest of time I know, it was my first ever run in my life, so cut me some slack :P I walked more than I ran because the distance was really far, but I had fun.

So there we were, Putrajaya Precinct 3. Hearts were racing, everyone excited and just can't wait for the air horn to blow to mark the beginning of the run. And then we heard the air horn. Let's go!

I had a good start, pacing myself as I ran. Didn't want to go too fast too soon you know. People were running by me, I was running by people. When it came to the 3rd KM, I sensed something was not right on my right knee. It was beginning to stiff up! WTF?! Of all day and time?!?I slowed down to a jog, and slowed down to brisk walk. There was pain in my right knee. FUCK....

I walked for a few hundred metres, hoping to walk the pain away. Then I started a slow jog again, to see if I could reach the 4th KM. I figured if my knee was ok by then, I can start a slow run and see how far I could go. Alas the knee wasn't going to give me that chance that night. The pain was getting more intense even as I jog. It was obvious I won't be able to run/jog as I had hoped for that night. Deep down in my heart, I was crying.


I made the call to brisk walk that night, all the way to the finishing line. I knew I couldn't stop, because the moment I stop, my right leg would stiffen, the pain would hit me, and I would have to hitch a ride with the ambulance back to the finishing line. So many times I had wanted to just stop and flag down the ambulance, but a stubborn kiasu part of me didn't let me cave into the request. I brisked walked my way, from the 4th KM onwards, all the way till the last KM.

I was beating myself up quite badly, disappointed with my poor performance. Something wasn't right, my knee was weak. I didn't feel good at all. I wanted to see my improvement this year, but alas, it wasn't meant to be for this year. I relegated to brisk walking due to the pain (hoping the adrenalin would mask the pain until the run is over). When I reached the last turn, I saw the finishing line, and I told myself to do a slow jog. Even then, my knee was telling me PAIN PAIN PAIN. I was between jogging and limping.

I crossed the line and heard hubby calling my name. I was so upset I almost cried that night. My mood was foul, I didn't want to speak to anyone, I just wanted to go home. And to add salt to injury, I dropped my iPod shuffle in the midst of the queue to collect the goodie bags and snacks.

Double whammy for the night.

I was limping the rest of the night, and the next day. Knee was stiff as hell. Did some research and found it may be runner's knee injury. I don't consider myself a runner, more of an amateur, but I guess I could be suffering from this injury now :/ The last time I had a stiff knee was after the Malakoff run held in December 2010, and that was a day after the run too (possibly because of the terrain route too). This time around, my knee just couldn't take the run after the 3rd KM, on a flat terrain. Sad.

When the timing results were out, I still managed to complete all 12.3KM is under 2 hours, 1hour 57mins. Ok I guess, wasn't really too happy with my overall performance that night. Better luck next year i guess. Now I'm reading up on ways to strengthen my thighs and lower back, to protect the knee.



it's OK! better get the knee sorted before it becomes a permanent injury - that would be worse. you only have a pair of knees!!! [fwuah, i know i sound damn aunty, but it's the truth.]

hopefully you recover soonest. and i'll bump into you again. =)

@piffles Thanks for your concern babe :) Yea, definitely don't want the knee to have a permanent injury! Now working on strengthen the lower back and thighs to protect them, even got myself a knee guard.