Sunday, September 4, 2011

Guilt trips
Guilt trip #1
My current running shoes are almost 4 years old. So maybe they haven't exactly clocked the mileage most regular runners do, but the soles do get hard and the cushioning will eventually lessen. For the past 4 years I have never once asked to buy a new pair. In fact, those are the only pair of sport shoe I have to my name, and they have been my faithful companion in the gym and whatever runs we participate. So I do think it's high time I get another pair and alternate between 2 pairs. I have never once questioned when you buy your many pairs of badminton shoes and racquets, because I know you need them and use them on a regular basis.

Guilt trip #2
There is an incentive programme from my current workplace which I have never utilized, simply because I had not seen the need for it just yet. Off late, I've been thinking of switching to a notebook, as the mobility and higher specs bundled in notebooks these days seemed ideal for my work. At first you were supportive of the idea too. But when I got the approval to utilize the incentive, you started questioning why I needed one and if it was necessary, and why can't I stick to my current machine. And after you sent me on a guilt trip, you decided that I should take up the incentive (WTF?). You just made the idea cumbersome to me and then changed your mind after you made me feel really bad.

Guilt trip #3
Went to a massive warehouse of all things sports, so many things and some on offer. Wanted to get a pair of 3/4 pants which were on offer (something I can use for yoga and running/gym) and you asked why do I need another pair, what's wrong with the ones I have bla bla. I put those pants back and decided not to buy anything. If you want to get some new shorts and dry-fit shirts, go right ahead because I know you use them on a regular basis for sports. I'll just stick to the old ones I have until they rot.

Has it ever occur to you that everything which I think of getting, goes through several rounds of reasoning and justification within myself first? I don't simply spend for the sake of spending. I think about why do I need it, where would I use the item, how often etc. If I want to simply spend, my whole wardrobe would be overflowing from junk by now.

Yes you made me fucking angry today because you don't trust my judgement when I have never once questioned yours. Bah!