Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Lash Affair

I was in the shower and had just washed my hair, when I felt something in my left eye. Thinking it was some dust particle, I blinked a few times hoping the tears would wash it out, but it didn't work. 

As nasty thought went into my head.... Did my contact lens tear? I quickly showered and removed the left lens to check. No tear, good as new. Yet I still felt something in my left eye. I then applied some eye drops, but that didn't work either. I looked into the mirror and found nothing. Eek! Each time I attempted to blink, something was there. I could feel it! &%$# Rubbing my eye didn't work either, and the feeling was really annoying me!

I tried an eye wash solution. Nothing. Eye drops. Nothing OH NO! Something was stuck above the left eyelid, and I can't see it nor get it out T.T I was so irritated for the rest of the night, hoping the feeling would go away. I had a similar experience before, but it went away after a few hours, so I was hoping this one would go away too. It's amazing I could get some sleep at night, though I woke up several times with a bruised feeling around the left eye :(

The next morning, I was a grouchy bitch. Hubby took me to our regular GP, Dr Liau, and I related to him my woe. He told me to lie down while he called a nurse into the room. 

"Ok, close your eyes now, don't open them, while I check your eye lid", Dr. Liau said. The nurse shone a torch light while the doc lifted my upper eye lid. Lo and behold, he said it's an eyelash that was stuck there, and it's causing the irritation! I was quite scared cos seriously, someone poking my eyeballs and eyelid is not a fun thing to do. On top of that, my eye was feeling kinda bruised already (I rubbed it, yes, I'm guilty).

Dr. Liau used a cotton bud and gently removed the stubborn eyelash out. I was tearing so much by the time he was done, which only took less than 10 seconds. After I opened my eyes, he even showed me the stupid eyelash which has been tormenting me for so many hours. I heaved a big sigh of relief, oh you have no idea how relieved I was after he got the eyelash out. "You managed to sleep last night ah?" he quipped.

After the procedure, Dr. Liau applied a couple of eye drops into my left eye, cos he said my rubbing has resulted in the upper eye lid having some scratch marks, which is causing me to feel the "bruised" feeling. So those eye drops would help soothe and heal the wounds. The only thing I have to deal with now is the bitter after taste of the nasty eye drops. Uuuweeekkk~~~!

Yucky eye drops.

Dr. Liau from Wong & Chye, Uptown, you are awesome!!!!