Saturday, September 24, 2011

Nasi Lemak 2.0

Much has been said and sung about Nasi Lemak 2.0. The brainchild of controversial figure Namewee, the story revolves around an arrogant chef, at his down and out moment, goes on a search fora fantastic nasi lemak recipe and along the way, discovers the true meaning of unity, diversity, culture and non-discrimination.

Why Nasi Lemak? Well, I believe the reason he chose the term "Nasi Lemak" is because of the ingredient composition which makes up the dish. Rice, sambal, eggs, cucumber, these are the staple ingredients in any nasi lemak recipe. Every ingredient is unique on its own, but when you put them together in the right balance, you get an amazing mouth watering dish which cuts across all borders. Actually I also think that KFC cuts across all borders, but that's another story.

This is Namewee's first attempt in film direction, and for a first-timer, I thought he did quite ok. Hubby and I laughed so hard at some of the scenes until we cried. Not the best script and acting in the world, but not the worse either. Probably given more time and exposure, his future films could carry more weight.

The real reason hubby and I caught this production, was also in support of Namewee and his vision. This film was produced on a shoe-string budget and was shot using a Canon Mark II DSLR. Because he couldn't get government funding for his film due to many reasons, filming couldn't start until earlier last year, when he finally got the approval to shoot the film (no funding from the government in the end). I'll let you go Google out his videos depicting his journey of trying to apply for government funding to fund his pet project lah.

The film is a mixed of Mandarin, Cantonese, smattering of Chinese dialects, Tamil and Malay, and I think he has captured the essence of Malaysia, a potpourri of diversity, culture and stereo-typing. There are several scenes which are very Malaysian, poking fun at our current events and political scenes.

Recently I also read that an NGO in Perak, started a boycott, calling the government to put a stop on the screening of the film. Their reasoning? That Namewee is a traitor to the country, that the movie potrays racism, that the film had a yellow background and was somehow related to the July BERSIH 2.0 movement.

My take on this? I would suggest you go watch the film for yourself, then you make your decision. We are all racists to a certain extent. We all poke fun and stereo-type every single fucking day. And if you really think the movie is unfit to  be seen, you can choose to stay home and not watch it. But don't force your opinions onto others. We can decide for ourselves.