Friday, September 16, 2011

The "Kebal" Phone

This is hubby's trusty Nokia mobile phone, the 6300. I got it for him a few years ago, a birthday gift ;) This phone has served him over the years, reliable and lightweight.

This phone has also survived some pretty tough environment, in which most smartphones these days can't.

- It has survived drops on solid ground (from waist height).
- It has survived multiple scratches on its outer casing.
- The best part would be it has survived falling into a drain and being submerged under water for a good 5 seconds.

Not bad for a Nokia, right? Granted it's not the coolest looking phone around, nor is it the sleekest and comes with cool apps, but it's been a pretty reliable phone despite it's wonkyness from time to time i.e it can't save your call history anymore.

Hubby's been window-shopping for phones, in no rush to switch at the moment. At least not until his current Nokia really starts to act up. I've been suggesting to him to consider an Android phone, should he really decide to switch to using a smartphone. We'll see just how long this "kebal" phone can last.