Sunday, October 23, 2011

Of Alcohol and Halal-ness

Now before you start judging, this post is entirely my personal opinion and has nothing to do with what you think. So now that we've made things clear, let's move on.

Picture taken from here.

I'm sure you've seen this bottle on display in supermarkets. It's a range of non-alcoholic beer from Barbican. It comes in various flavours like apple, peach and strawberry.

I don't take alcohol. Well, actually, I have a very low tolerance to alcohol, mainly because I don't enjoy the after taste which lingers on my tongue. But a non-alcoholic beer?

Beer is beer. Period. Beer has alcohol. Period. All this nonsense about non-alcoholic beer, is really just to legitimize drinking for those prohibited by their religion, to consume alcohol. An excuse, alibi, a clause conjured up to suit the senses and to convince themselves that they're merely drinking flavoured water, and not alcohol.


Any drink, even if it only contains 0.5% alcohol, is still an alcoholic drink, you doinks. Go on, keep lying to yourselves. Keep trying to convince yourself that flavoured non-alcoholic beverages such as the ones shown in the image above, is halal.

You might still insist that the 0.5% is a minute amount. Never the less, 0.5% is still 0.5%. What do you think?