Thursday, October 6, 2011

R.I.P Steve Jobs

Image taken from here.

Goodbye to a man who revolutionized technology. Is it a coincidence that his death comes less than 24 hours after the iPhone 4S announcement, no one will really know. What we all know for certain, is that Steve Jobs will never appear on stage again. He has built his legacy and left it for the world to remember him by.

I'm not an Apple fanboy (or girl). The Mac was the first machine I used, back in my college days. I eventually bought a Mac in my 2nd year of college, to do my assignments. When I came out to work, I was on the Mac for a while, before I made the shift to web design. It was also around that same time, my Mac broke down. And I ventured into the world of Windows. I've been using a PC ever since, and for the last few months, have been contemplating of moving back to a Mac (still contemplating, if you must know).

Sayonara Steve Jobs. You have touched millions of lives with your reinventions, your products, your words, your vision, your strength. You will always be remembered. Namo amithaba.