Monday, October 3, 2011

TRENDZ Waterproof Bags

We were bumming around in Tropicana Citymall over the weekend and came across 2 booths on the top floor selling waterproof bags and pouches. Being the inquisitive being that I am, I went to take a closer look to see the merchandises on display. 

There was a wide variety of bags to choose from, even backpacks from well-known sports labels. I was more intrigued by the TRENDZ waterproof bags in bright yellow. 

The material is a high quality PVC which is 100% waterproof (Class 3). Suitable for all sorts of outdoor activities like water sports, jungle trekking, kayaking, fishing etc, these bags are the real deal if you're the outdoor junkie and looking for a lightweight and  durable bag to stuff all your items, and still be reassured they'll be dry should you come into contact with water or dirt. And the best part is, no zippers or strings. You secure the bag by folding the lid down a few times, then lock it by clipping the side clips together.

Hubby and I got to thinking that it would be a good idea to get one, seeing that we will need an extra bag to bring for our mountain trip next year. So after much comparison and decision making, we settled for a TRENDZ 25L yellow bag for RM 65, not bad right?

This is what the bag looks like before you open it, compact and easy to carry.

After I shape the bag, this is what it looks like. Note the side clips at the top to secure it.

A closer look at the handle.

Adding the adjustable sling at the back of the bag.

Step-by-step instructions on how to fold and secure the bag.
Simply fold a minimum of 3 times, and clip the side clips to lock.

You can visit TRENDZ website for more info and take a look at their range of products available. Besides bags, they also have waist pouches, products for cameras, phones and even a waterproof casing for the iPad. I might just get another bag for my dad, who's into fishing ;)