Friday, November 25, 2011

Beggar Chicken @ Bkt Jugra (Tanjung Sepat)

Almost a 2-hour drive to reach this friggin' place. Checked out some blogs which talked about this place, and how it's supposed to be the original beggar chicken cooking style. What do I personally think about it? Nothing great, and definitely not worth the 2-hour drive, meh... By the time we drove back PJ, I was tired and hungry...

The signage, which says beggar chicken something something I guess...?

The brick building on the right is where all the beggar food is cooked.

Yes, this is the kitchen. Your food is underneath all that sand and charcoal.

Huge pile of charcoal for cooking.

Friendly beagle!
All the food is of the same colour. There's beggar chicken and mutton as well, the photos didn't turn out so well.

Friendly kitteh!


Did you check out the room next to the kitchen??? *if you did..I bet you wont eat dy*