Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Blue Kombi

A division in the company recently made a unique purchase: A Volkswagen Kombi. The division is still trying to think of ways to put the Kombi to use, and from what I've heard, the vehicle already has a waiting list to be photographed in pre-wedding albums. Not bad for a classic, eh?

Here we go....!
Some of us took a spin in the Kombi recently. Kinda hard to resist not taking a spin. It is after a Volkswagen Kombi :) Think Scooby Doo and friends, except this Kombi is blue, not green. I salute you if you can drive this classic. Manual drive, the steering wheel is similar to that of a mini bus, and no power steering, talk about toning your arms! Overall the Kombi is pretty well kept, except for the missing door handle, some rusty parts, no air-con blower for the back seats, heavy rattling, hard suspension :P But hey, when you get a classic like that, you'd definitely expect to put in some moolah to fix it up.

Now this is my Kombi, a mini Kombi. It's the Milo truck Kombi, from the Milo redemption a couple of months ago. Pretty awesome too! Best thing is, I don't have to drive it, haha!