Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas-Year End Annual Dinner 2011 @ Mizu Japanese Fine Dining, TTDI

The company had our year-end dinner at Mizu this year, a good choice for good Japanese food. It's a short drive from the office and the food won't disappoint. My GM had made special arrangements for them to arrange for a buffet dinner for us on a weekday, and because we had the numbers, that arrangement was granted. At RM 65++ per pax, which is their normal dinner buffet rate on weekends, everyone trotted there after work for some massive wolf down.

As usual, one of the highlights of the dinner was also playing Dirty Santa. This time around, I exchanged my gift with a stainless steel water bottle :D I knew no one would want the bottle, so I took the chance to exchange for it MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!! 

It's such a cool water bottle! Using the Jack Daniels emblem and modifying it, how awesome is that! Plus hubby and I are actually phasing out plastic bottles at home, and replacing them with either stainless steel water bottles or glass jugs. All part of our continuous effort to help the environment :)

On top of that, this year we also had some special awards handed out, just like last year. Last year, I won the "Best Dressed in Theme". This year, I won the "Sportiest Person" (active in sports) hehehehehehe! Can't wait till Isetan opens in 1U, then I can utilize my RM50 voucher w00t!