Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2001. Hello 2012!

Here it is again. Another year ends. Yet another year begins. So, how was my 2011 so far?

Love wise, things between me and hubby just gets better and better :) The support, the love, the many hugs and kisses and quality time spent together, strengthens the bond every time. Little petty arguments now and then, but nothing serious which we drag for long. A little patience, a dash of luck, a sprinkle of hope and a truckload of love <3

Health wise, I've never felt better. I feel much better about myself than I ever have 5 years ago. Running may not be my cup of tea for now, as I have decided to quit running for at least 6 months, to give my right knee a break. Switching to other forms of cardio workout for now, and of course, yoga <3

Work wise, things have been pretty ok for me so far. Towards the end of 2011, there was a little bit of a rough patch for me, as I try to work things out, grappling the new situation and all. I'm still trying to find ways to solve it, cos what I've been asked to consider, is really not something I want to do long term.

The next question would be: Any resolutions or hopes for 2012?
Well, if the world doesn't end in 2012 (LOL!), maybe wanna plan some holidays with the hubby :) Not sure if we wanna still think of conceiving again, cos really, somehow I'm not sure nor am I keen about it right now. In fact, we like how things are now. Maybe give it some thoughts again after the coming Chinese New year la, no rush on that matter. Rather go holidays hah!

Here's wishing everyone a great 2012 ahead. Peace, harmony, love for all~


Nothing beats feeling GREAT, especially in the company of family, friends and colleagues. I wish you good health and happiness in all that you do in 2012 (and beyond) :D

@pelf I wish you all the same as well :D *hugs*