Monday, December 12, 2011

Jacky Cheung 1/2 Century Tour 2011 - Kuala Lumpur

Hubby and I had our first concert experience recently at Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil. And it was a date with a THE Heavenly King: Jacky Cheung Hock Yau. My sister and BIL had flown in from Kota Kinabalu to catch this concert (their seats were 4 rows from the stage, yowza!), and I was supposed to meet them up the next day, but whaddaya know, lady luck was with hubby and I, and both of us also got to watch Jacky Cheung as well :D

It was really by a stroke of luck we got the tickets, a close friend of hubby's happens to be working with Tune Group, one of the sponsors of the concert, and he offered us complimentary tickets just a couple of days before the scheduled Friday night concert.

Seating positions during the concert. Image from TicketCharge.
Our seats were at VIP L, indicated with a dark blue box. Very good seats with a clear view of the stage :D

Initially we were supposed to get the Royal Box tickets, which is seated on the left hand side of the stage. At the last minute, our friend said he had no more Box tickets, but offered us VIP tickets instead. Woohoo! Even better! 

VIP seats w00t!
We arrived at the stadium to be greeted by a throng of Jacky Cheung fans from all over the country. That Friday was actually the 2nd show for the week, 2 more shows over the weekend. With 4 shows in total, it's really a miracle he can perform for all shows *salute*. Security was rather strict, you can't bring mineral bottles into the stadium. The people on duty needed to scan through our bags before we could enter. Once inside, we were guided to our seats. Since it was in an indoor stadium, there was air-conditioning, temperature was just OK for the night. At least you won't sweat during the concert.

Everyone is waiting patiently for the concert to start.
Here we are at our seats, patiently waiting for the King to make his appearance. Hubby and I were really excited, as this was our first concert ever! I've never been a fan to concerts because of the crowd and heat, not to mention the costly tickets. But hey, no one would say no to complimentary tickets, right? Not just complimentary tickets, tickets to watch the one and only Jacky Cheung, an awesome singer.

Full house!
The crowd behind me minutes before the concert started. The whole stadium was full, the concert was a sellout not just for Friday night, but for all 4 nights he was to perform! Later I found out that Jacky Cheung was initially scheduled to perform for 2 nights only: 9th & 10th Dec 2011. Due to the overwhelming response, the organizers added 2 extra nights. And still it was a sellout!

Bright lights above.

The above images were taken during the first 2 songs Jacky Cheung belted out. For a man in his 50s, he looks damn good. We were pretty sure he does yoga or pilates, or both. His movements were still pretty nimble and agile for someone his age, although stamina wise, it's not as good as his younger days of course. In fact, at one point of the concert, he had to tell his musicians to hold off for a while, as he had to catch his breath.

Never the less, Jacky Cheung was amazing. He had the whole crowd mesmerized and singing along to every song he sang. Everyone was constantly cheering his name (myself included). Everyone was well behaved, no rowdy teenagers and bottle throwing maniacs. Then again, the crowd that night was probably more mature and are from the generation who grew up listening to Jacky Cheung haha!

Not only that, Jacky Cheung also paid tribute to the late Lydia Sum, who was an inspiration to a lot of the Hong Kong entertainers.

This was probably the only time I can get this close to a superstar. The photos above may look as thought our seats are far, but in actual fact, it was near enough to see his facial expressions very clearly. Hock Yau, thank you for an amazing Friday night. You are THE REAL HEAVENLY KING...!