Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Malakoff Kuala Lumpur 2011

Finisher medals from Malakoff KL2011.
Much, pain, much sweat, much inspiration, much improvement. I completed the 12KM trail despite a non-cooperative right knee midway through the 1st lap. Instead of pushing myself too hard, I decided not to further aggravate the knee and took it easy. During the 2nd lap, I tried to do a slow jog, but after a while, the knee was telling me to fuck off and just walk the rest of the way.

My timing was probably slower this time around, but it's a given when you're suffering from a painful knee. Not gonna be sad about it, I did try my best after all, given my physique. Bumped into some friends who also took part in the event this year, and usually I hardly bump into anyone due to the large crowd. This time around, I bumped into a long time friend Alex Auyong, my neighbour Jason Loke, an ex-colleague Jeremy Chin and saw my cousin Nick Yow whizzed pass me somewhere during the first lap.

While I was in the first lap, probably 20mins in, I saw a black dude whizz by all of us. And he whizzed by me again later, and I was still in my first lap, heading towards the main junction to start my second lap...! That guys is not human, I'm telling ya...