Wednesday, January 11, 2012

When The People Speak

The condo I'm living in recently had an EGM (Emergency General Meeting) held, and it was a much needed meeting. You see, over the last 8 month or more, a group of us parcel owners had band together, to push for this EGM to be held. Why?

Because we have a tyrant helming the JMC Chairman position, and some JMC members are on board his dictator vessel and cruising by, trying to find ways to utilize the condo's Sinking Fund. And if no one stopped them, he and his happy campers, including the Developer rep, would milk the condo dry and then disappear as if nothing ever happened.

How did this ugly scenario come about you ask? It all started about 8 months ago, when our annual AGM (Annual General Meeting) was held. You see, high rise buildings are governed by a certain ACT 663, and in 2008, the first JMB (Joint Management Body - consist of all parcel owners) JMC (Joint management Committee - consist of elected parcel owners) were formed. Now coming back to 2011, elections were held and a few new parcel owners were elected into the JMC, as some decided to step down to make way for fresh faces.

Now Bucktooth was in the first JMC for a short stint, but he resigned because he wasn't elected as Chairman. Now if you think about it, if you are truly sincere about serving the community, you wouldn't care about positions and titles. Not Bucktooth, it was Chairman or nothing. Come 2011 when the annual AGM was called, someone else was elected as Chairman, while he had to settle for Treasurer. Bucktooth didn't stop there. He started getting into cahoots with the Developer, made himself acting Chairman (because the newly elected Chairman decided to step down after 2 weeks, citing personal reasons). There, the crazy shit started.

Stupid resolutions were passed during JMC meetings. He evicted 3 JMC members because they were not being a yes-man to him. Bucktooth was constantly relying on the Developer rep for advice, and since a resident is so Developer-friendly, obviously she will try to convince him to utilize the Sinking Fund of the condo, for "projects". They also fired the condo's in-house security guards, citing cost cutting measures (but have never arranged for any backup plan to safeguard the residents and condo's security). Bucktooth was spreading wild fire all over the place, all of which angered a group of us.

We banded together and strategized. We needed the support of fellow residents and parcel owners, to come together and push for an EGM. He was after all, the acting Chairman, hence his position is not formally recognized. And after 8 moths of hard work and perseverance, not to mention pressure to the COB MBPJ (toothless tiger they are), the EGM was called. Over 100 residents turned up, a big number considering the past AGMs/EGMs, less than 70 would attend. This time around, we managed to rally our cause out loud, to protect the residents interest and funds from a bunch of blood sucking crooks.

Bucktooth was pissed needless to say. The COB rep waltzed in an hour late without an apology, and was given a very serious lecture from a resident, and was booed by everyone else. Even the Developer rep showed her bitching colours and was reminded of her place. Bucktooth was eventually ousted, and he was very angry and full of drama, so much so he accidently admitted to committing a crime/corruption (see video here, he confessed to offering a car park to a fellow parcel owner. The car park lot was an initial plan by the first JMC to draw extra lots and rent out to residents via rotation basis, but the Developer caught wind of the plan, drew the lots and sold them. Guess who was the salesman?). Another of his crony snatched the microphone from a resident, and stormed out in a jiffy. The residents and parcel owners who attended the EGM that day had spoken up in unity: Do not take us lightly, and do not use the Sinking Fund without prior permission.

Bucktooth and his gang of bandits resigned en masse when they couldn't rally up support from the residents and parcel owners. Such are the characters of irresponsible and self centred people, who would rather run away than to actually admitting their mistakes and work towards rectifying them.

A new team of JMC was elected that day, at least until the next annual AGM to be held in April 2012. A lot of damage was done by Bucktooth over the last 8 months, the new team has to prioritize a lot and try their best to deliver. The EGM also brought out the ugly characters of the Developer rep and COB MBPJ, one is out to think of the condo as a cash cow, the other is just a rubber stamping bimbo, splurting out lame guidelines and hoping everyone else is too stupid to understand/question them.

Is this the end of Bucktooth? I doubt it. Unless he drops dead.

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Whoa! Such is the drama at your condo! I'd imagine the condo to be quite populated, and as the saying goes, "banyak orang, banyak ragam."

But I hope everything goes smoothly now that Bucktooth is out. I mean, he'd been on most peoples' nerves since, what? 2006?!

@pelf Every condo will have its own drawm, trust me. Such as it is with communal living. There will be some who are sincere, some who are have tricks up their sleeves, and some who do not care. Human ma :)