Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Weekend Trip to Teluk Intan, Perak

it was our first time to Teluk Intan, Perak, with a couple of hubby's colleagues too. Our mission: To attend a wedding dinner + savour the famous Teluk Intan Chee Cheong Fun!

Cute wedding bears which made the long journey from KL to Teluk Intan without flying off the bonnet.
First, the wedding dinner. It was held at one of the more popular seafood restaurants in town - Tai Chong Seafood. Portions were enormous. The first dish alone, encompasses 7 different varieties (usually 4 seasons, but in Telik Intan, it's 7 seasons). After the first dish, 4 of us really wondered how was our table going to sit through the remaining 7 dishes to come! Never the less, with 7 pax sitting at our table (yes, only 7 pax, us and 3 uncles who were happy to have new friends), we somehow managed to finish about 70% of the dishes. There were leftover no doubt about it, and some tables were seen tapau-ing the food too. And this is the first wedding dinner I've been to, that serves ice-cream potong for dessert, yum!

Teluk Intan's landmark, the clock tower.
So we figured, with such full stomachs, it wasn't so healthy to just go straight to bed. The groom was back in his house, preparing for the next day. What are we to do for the rest of the night? Heads up, it's Chee Cheong Fun time! After locating it in Google maps, we set out to find this famous delight, despite being really stuffed from dinner.

Teluk Intan's famous Liew Kee Chee Cheong Fun.

Liew Kee was very easy to find, near the market and opposite a dumpster. Ironic that most good food, are located next to something that smells or a sight for sore eyes. Malaysia Boleh! You can't dine in at Liew Kee, it's purely takeaway, and do anticipate a queue if you ever do make your journey here. At RM 3.80 a pack, we've been told prices have gone up from previously. Never the less, when at a new town, you just gotta at least savour the local favourites, right?

As we queue, more and more cars started driving into the road where Liew Kee was located. And 80% of the car that came, bore Wilayah number plates, hah!

The rice flour was springy, not soggy. And the mix of radish and dried shrimps, yums! Very special indeed. Despite being so full from dinner, we somehow managed to wolf down our share of Chee Cheong Fun. Haih, how to not be fat leh? And we had this for breakfast the next day too, courtesy of the bride :D

Looming clouds.
As we bid goodbye to Teluk Intan, the weather seems to want us out :P

Overtaking a Lamborghini on the expressway. Tata sucker, hah!
Spotted a sleek black Lamborghini while on the way back to KL. Such wide tyres ain't giving you much grip on the wet roads, eh?!