Sunday, March 25, 2012

Organic Vegetarian Food @ Simple Life, SStwo Mall

There's this organic vegetarian shop here in SStwo Mall, which has never been my pit stop for food. It's not that I don't eat organic nor vegetarian food, it's just that it has never really crossed my mind to walk into it.

So one fine Friday, while the rest of my colleagues had gone of for lunch and I was stuck in the office trying to solve some email issues, my colleague prodded me to go have some vegetarian food downstairs. Being a vegetarian himself, I figured the mall also poses some food limitations to him sometimes. So I figured, okla, since I've never tried that place before, why not?

One thing about vegetarian food is, and I do believe most people would agree with me, is the use of soy in all their faux meat products. I'm fine with soy, I just don't agree with faux meat. If you're going to be a vegan, why is then, faux meat made to look and taste like real meat? I think the methodology is questionable here, but this is just my personal opinion. All that gimmick of making faux meat look and taste like real meat, it feels a little like living in a lie with your vegan self. And I for one, think that if so much effort was made to make faux meat, look and taste like the real thing, god knows what sort of process and ingredients actually went into making that faux meat, right? No thanks, I'll stick to the real thing. And if I walk into a vegetarian restaurant, I'll stick to the beancurds and mushrooms, thanks!

Sweet and sour abalone mushroom set, RM 15.90++
So there I was with my colleague, flipping the menu. As it was my first time there, I decided to go with the Sweet and Sour Abalone Mushroom, which comes with a bowl of multi-grain rice, a claypot serving of mushrooms in sweet and sour sauce, 2 side dishes and energy soup - which is essentially water cress soup.

My first though of the set when it came was "Wow, generous portions!". The multi-grain rice had red beans in it, and honestly, I like my red beans in tong sui more than rice. The multi-grain rice was a first for me, and I honestly didn't enjoy it on its own (I scooped out all the red bean too). But after soaking it in the sweet and sour sauce, the rice tasted much better :D

The mushrooms were deep fried and soaked in a nicely done sweet and sour sauce. Now wouldn't it be more awesome if the mushrooms were pork instead, hmmm :P OK, jokes aside, the sweet and sour mushrooms tasted pretty good actually. The soup however, had a bit too much white pepper in it though. And I've seen soups using better quality wolf berries (a.k.a goji berries) than the ones served in this restaurant.

Overall, the organic vegetarian lunch was ok for me. The multi-grain rice was ok, but only with the sauce, I wouldn't eat it on its own. I wouldn't mind going back there to try some other dishes, maybe their noodles. But no nasi lemak with faux chicken/beef rendang, thank you. Even if you claim the faux meat taste exactly like the real thing. In that case, I rather go for the real thing. But that's just me.


Weird thing ! Thought it is clearly known as "vegetarian restaurant" ? So why are the comparison to MEAT ? It's like you choose to eat durian, but you make comparison to apple ?

I'm from Simple Life Healthy Vegetarian Restaurant.
Actually the rendang in the Nasi Lemak is made of Pumpkin & Tempeh. So there is no faux meat in Rendang.
You can try it in some of our outlet.
BTW thanks for the review.

Great article for Simple Life Healthy Vegetarian Restaurant I like it, my see my review too at

The food in simple life is tasty but how do we know that all the ingredients used are organic and natural? Many of my friends have also asked the same question ......maybe someone can give an answer..