Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sang Har Meen @ Chyniss, SStwo Mall

The month of March happens to see two birthdays in my family, my dad and youngest sister. So, in the spirit of makan-makan Malaysia and family love, I told my dad that we're going to have a nice dinner at Chyniis (pronounced as Chinese, not chee-nees), a Chinese restaurant located in SStwo Mall. 

Word has it, that the owner is one of the brothers of Greenview Restaurant in Section 19, just down the road from where SStwo Mall is. Hence it came as no surprise as one of Chyniis's signature dish was their 'sang har meen'; fresh water prawns with noodles soaked in a delectable egg gravy. Seeing that the head chef is from Greenview Restaurant, and how my General Manager raved so much about the sang har meen, I had to try it for myself.

Chyniis's signature dish - Sang har meen (RM 16/100gm).
The giant serving above, is for 6 pax (RM 160). The dish came with 3 giant fresh water prawns, split into two, a generous portion of noodles and uber awesome egg gravy. My dad was slurping the noodles and had a happy smile on his face. And when I told him that the head chef is from Greenview, he exclaimed that the dish tasted exactly like how Greenview would serve it. Now he wants to bring his friends here, hehe!

We had other dishes for dinner that night too, but I only took a picture of the sang har meen, and Whatsapped it to my other sister in KK, just to piss her off :P Other dishes we tried were their Tea Smoked Village Chicken (RM 38/half a bird), some braised pork knuckle (can't remember the exact name of the dish), asparagus and tofu, all which were pretty tasty.

The total bill (plus tit bits and taxes) came up to RM 338, half of which were from the sang har meen. Needless to say, everyone was stuffed from dinner, and still dreaming about the noodles heh! Definitely a place worth coming back for seconds!