Tuesday, April 17, 2012

B.Y.O.B (Bring Your Own Bottle)

B.Y.O.B Green Concept

I've been following this B.Y.O.B Green Concept idea via their Facebook page, and I must say the overall idea is very educational. Their mission is very simple (taken from their Facebook page):
Our mission is to educate the society about the dangers of plastic pollution and to stop them from treating plastic bottles as rubbish. Made using our precious petroleum, plastic bottles takes about 400 years to fully biodegrade. Did you know that plastic bottles were only created a little over a century ago? This means that every plastic bottle ever made ( apart from the few that were incinerated) still exists and are probably in landfills or the ocean.
And they have a good point here. How many households actually reuse their plastic bottles? Most of them inevitably end up at landfills, waiting for time to slowly break them down. The only problem is, most plastic take several hundred years to actually disintegrate, that includes plastic bags. Quite an eye opener, isn't it?

On top of that, the concept of B.Y.O.B is also to provide consumers with eco-friendly products, minus all the packaging and advertising cosst. You basically pay for the product itself: the detergents.

A couple of my blogger friends, JasonMumbles and dSaint, are currently operating the B.Y.O.B outlet at Setapak. I would love to go support their outlet, only problem is, Setapak is like another country! And then I found out that B.Y.O.B had recently opened an outlet right here in Damansara Kim, w00t!

I'll be giving the B.Y.O.B products a shot, not just because I support the idea of reusing plastic bottles, but if the product itself causes less harm to the environment, why not? After all, we only have one planet, and the future generations are going to inherit it in the near future. Who wouldn't want this planet to be livable and sustainable, right? Now where are my bottles?


High 5 to BYOB. I went to their Cheras branch (like another planet too) but I m glad i m loving it. The products I bought were same standard as those in the market and the price... unbelievable cheap. I heard Sasha will be the Byob boss in Subang branch soon ;)